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Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Inspired by the best-selling kids book series, Ordinary People Change the World, by New York Times bestselling author Brad Meltzer and illustrator Christopher Eliopoulos, XAVIER RIDDLE AND THE SECRET MUSEUM follows the adventures of Xavier, Yadina and Brad as they tackle everyday problems by doing something extraordinary: traveling back in time to learn from real-life inspirational figures like Marie Curie, Harriet Tubman and Jackie Robinson when they were kids. Each adventure will help young viewers make the connection between the skills that made these historical figures heroes and those same qualities within themselves, helping them discover that they, too, can change the world.

Latest Episodes

Thu May 21st, 9:00am
Wed Jun 17th, 9:00am
Sat Jun 20th, 7:30am
Mon May 18th, 7:00pm
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Mon Jul 6th, 2:00pm
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Mon Jul 6th, 10:00pm

I am Catherine the Great Brad shows up ready for day camp with a pep in his step and a smile on his face, until he finds out that he's going without Xavier or Yadina. Uh oh. Brad can't possibly go without his best friends! Who will he play with? Xavier and Yadina are sure Brad will make new friends at camp, but Brad isn't so sure - he doesn't know how. To the Secret Museum! Our heroes go back in time to meet someone who made all kids of friends: Catherine the Great. They find Catherine wandering outside her castle walls, simply so she can make some new friends to play with.

Thu May 14th, 9:00am
Wed May 20th, 9:00am
Sat May 23rd, 7:30am
Tue Jun 9th, 9:00am
Thu Jul 2nd, 9:00am
Wed Jun 3rd, 2:00pm
Wed Jun 3rd, 7:00pm
Wed Jun 3rd, 10:00pm
Thu Jun 4th, 3:00am
Sun Jun 7th, 2:00pm
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Mon Jun 8th, 2:00am
Mon Jun 29th, 2:00pm
Mon Jun 29th, 7:00pm
Mon Jun 29th, 10:00pm
Tue Jun 30th, 3:00am

I am Florence Nightingale When Yadina gets the hiccups right before a big show & tell appearance, she turns to Xavier and Brad for help. Unsure how to cure her, the boys have some fun coming up with silly solutions, none of which work. To the Secret (hic) Museum! Our heroes travel back in time to meet legendary nurse Florence Nightingale, just as she's presented with a very serious problem: her neighbor's dog has a sore paw. To the library!

Fri May 15th, 9:00am
Thu Jun 11th, 9:00am
Mon Jul 6th, 9:00am
Mon May 11th, 1:30am
Mon Jun 8th, 2:00pm
Mon Jun 8th, 7:00pm
Mon Jun 8th, 10:00pm
Tue Jun 9th, 3:00am
Wed Jul 1st, 2:00pm
Wed Jul 1st, 7:00pm
Wed Jul 1st, 10:00pm
Thu Jul 2nd, 3:00am

I am George Washington Yadina is excited when she's chosen to be the leader of her Nature Troop, thinking this a great first step toward becoming President one day. Only problem is, she isn't entirely sure how to be a good leader. To the Secret Museum! Our heroes are sent back in time to meet one of the greatest leaders in the history of the United States: George Washington. Yadina is awe struck as she gets to meet her country's very first president, who offers to take them on a fishing trip.

Wed May 13th, 9:00am
Sat May 16th, 7:30am
Tue May 19th, 9:00am
Fri Jun 12th, 9:00am
Thu Jun 18th, 9:00am
Fri Jul 3rd, 9:00am
Mon Jun 1st, 2:00pm
Mon Jun 1st, 7:00pm
Mon Jun 1st, 10:00pm
Tue Jun 2nd, 3:00am
Thu Jun 25th, 2:00pm
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Fri Jun 26th, 3:00am
Sun Jun 28th, 2:00pm
Sun Jun 28th, 6:00pm
Sun Jun 28th, 10:00pm
Mon Jun 29th, 2:00am

I am Helen Keller Yadina becomes increasingly frustrated as she tries to read a book to Dr. Zoom, but has to keep stopping since it has words in it she doesn't know. Learning to read is SO hard - she feels like she'll never be able to do it. Xavier knows just what his little sister needs to the Secret Museum! Our heroes travel back in time to meet someone truly incredible, who had to overcome a whole lot to learn how to do just about anything: Helen Keller.

Tue May 26th, 9:00am
Fri Jun 19th, 9:00am
Thu Jun 4th, 2:00pm
Thu Jun 4th, 7:00pm
Thu Jun 4th, 10:00pm
Fri Jun 5th, 3:00am
Tue Jun 30th, 2:00pm
Tue Jun 30th, 7:00pm
Tue Jun 30th, 10:00pm
Wed Jul 1st, 3:00am
Sat Jul 4th, 2:00pm
Sat Jul 4th, 6:00pm
Sat Jul 4th, 10:00pm
Sun Jul 5th, 2:00am

I am Isaac Newton Xavier tries mini golf for the first time, and things don't exactly go as planned. No matter how hard and fast he swings, the ball never goes in the hole... To the Secret Museum! Our trio are sent back in time to meet an expert in the laws of motion: Sir Isaac Newton. Isaac is in the middle of his own problem, trying to figure out how he can out jump boys who are clearly bigger than him. Instead of attacking the problem hard and fast, Xavier style, Isaac takes a much calmer approach with the use of a thinking tree and a thinking kite.

Tue May 12th, 9:00am
Tue Jun 2nd, 9:00am
Wed Jun 24th, 9:00am
Sat Jun 27th, 7:30am
Thu May 28th, 7:00pm
Fri May 29th, 3:00am
Sun May 31st, 5:30pm
Mon Jun 1st, 1:30am
Tue Jun 23rd, 2:00pm
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Sat Jun 27th, 2:00pm
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Sun Jun 28th, 2:00am
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