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Harassment and sexual violence are commonplace for many women around the world. We report from Japan and Kenya. Also: In India a billionaire industrialist's daughter provides microfinance to poor women, and in Chile the sun is a curse and a blessing.

The icy wastes of Antarctica are not completely devoid of human life. Global 3000 visits some of the scientists who work in research stations there. We also go to Bhutan - where the state measures its worth according to its citizens' happiness.

Home alone - Japan's growing numbers of modern-day hermits, the so-called "hikikomori". Also: why Rwandan farmers' greatest fear is heavy rain. Plus: this week's Global Snack is fish and chips, the most British of all fast foods.

WGBY World
Sun May 17th, 8:30am
Sun May 17th, 4:00pm

The CITES World Wildlife Conference will begin on August 17 in Geneva. Ahead of the conference, our reporters travelled to Iraq, Morocco and Belize to find out what's being done protect our planet's biodiversity.

WGBY World
Sun May 24th, 8:30am
Sun May 24th, 4:00pm

The sick and the elderly are among the most vulnerable people in society. What happens when they don't get the support and care they need? Global 3000 visits Kentucky's forgotten mine workers and nursing homes in China.

WGBY World
Sun May 31st, 8:30am
Sun May 31st, 4:00pm

Women in Afghanistan fear the Taliban could return to power; in Malaysia, Rohingya who fled Myanmar struggle to survive on the margins of society, and in the Ugandan capital, electric motorcycle taxis are helping to improve air quality.

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