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Dw Global 3000

Latest Episodes

Global 3000's new Social Justice series turns the spotlight on the work world in Asia and Europe. We also meet an ice hockey team in Kenya and some butterfly farmers in Costa Rica.

This week: the debate in Botswana about hunting elephants. Conservationists in the Solomon Islands who are rescuing sea turtles. And in our Work Places series, we meet two women in different parts of the world who are farming seaweed for the future.

This week: the restaurant in Marrakesh that's empowering women. Plus, our series Work Places looks at how ships are recycled in Europe and Asia. Also, we check out how waste in India is being collected and reused.

In our Work Places series we meet children in India who slave away in mines, extracting the coveted mineral mica. Also on the show: Cuban women fighting to lead a modern lifestyle. Plus: electric vehicles hit the roads in Kenya.

Oppose the regime in Iran and you're risking your life. But Iranian activists outside the country can be more open with their criticism. Also: not all app developers are after fast bucks, and we check out a popular snack in the Philippines.

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