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Dw Global 3000

Latest Episodes

A young woman in Gaza wants to live a free, self-determined life. Very risky, in a city controlled by Hamas. Also: dancer Arianni Martin fled Cuba in search of a better life.

The icy wastes of Antarctica are not completely devoid of human life. Global 3000 visits some of the scientists who work in research stations there. We also go to Bhutan - where the state measures its worth according to its citizens' happiness.

Global 3000 looks at how people around the world are responding to climate change. In Australia, many farmers deny it's human-induced. In Thailand, an entrepreneur is turning rice straw that would otherwise be burned into climate-friendly paper.

Social media fashion influencers set the trends for young, affluent Chinese. An Israeli social entrepreneur helps people with mental health issues find jobs. And organic cultivation in Brazil's Amazon basin.

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