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Dw Global 3000

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How many people can the planet support? Global 3000 considers the social and environmental impact of population growth.

Limits are there to be broken! This week's Global 3000 is all about people who've overcome boundaries - in the name of love, self-fulfillment or the environment.

Climate change is mobilizing people in more ways than one. In Manila, slum-dwellers are fleeing flooding. In France, young activists are learning to protest peacefully. And in Mexico, entrepreneurs are hoping for a boom in solar technology.

Blue-collar workers are paying the price for China's economic growth and technological progress; a South African entrepreneur is boosting inclusion for wheelchair-users.

This week's show is all about food. In industrialized countries, millions of tons of it are thrown away every year, while elsewhere people are malnourished or starving. In city gardens in Quito, the poorest are now gaining access to fresh produce.

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