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Dw Global 3000

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Online activists often face abuse and even death threats. Through their work, they hope to spur people to take to the streets in the fight for equality, personal autonomy and freedom of speech.

Over 150 million boys and girls worldwide are involved in child labor. In Turkey, thousands of children work on cotton plantations, often under inhumane conditions. So far, the government has not managed to change that.

Toxic masculinity in Montana; a floating vocational school on the Amazon; resistance to gentrification in Cape Town.

The CITES World Wildlife Conference will begin on August 17 in Geneva. Ahead of the conference, our reporters travelled to Iraq, Morocco and Belize to find out what's being done protect our planet's biodiversity.

It's a beautiful world - and it keeps getting better for humanity. Really? Anyone listening to politicians or reading the news might easily get a different impression. This week's Global 3000 looks on the bright side of life.

The sick and the elderly are among the most vulnerable people in society. What happens when they don't get the support and care they need? Global 3000 visits Kentucky's forgotten mine workers and nursing homes in China.

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