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Let's Go Luna!

Latest Episodes

Wed May 22nd, 9:00am
Wed May 22nd, 2:30pm
Sat May 25th, 6:30am
Tue Jun 18th, 9:00am
Thu May 9th, 5:00pm
Fri May 10th, 1:00am
Thu Jun 6th, 5:00pm
Fri Jun 7th, 1:00am
Tue Jul 2nd, 5:00pm

In Moscow, Leo, Andy, and Carmen are enlisted to babysit a fussy baby bear. They must search the city to find his favorite lullaby. / In Moscow, Andy's love of space travel and planets is enriched by a trip to a famous space museum.

Mon May 20th, 9:00am
Mon May 20th, 2:30pm
Fri Jun 14th, 9:00am
Fri Jun 14th, 2:30pm
Tue May 7th, 5:00pm
Wed May 8th, 1:00am
Fri May 24th, 5:00pm
Sat May 25th, 1:00am
Wed Jun 19th, 5:00pm
Thu Jun 20th, 1:00am
Sun Jun 23rd, 5:00pm
Mon Jun 24th, 1:00am

In London, Carmen loves the idea of being a queen at Buckingham Palace, but finds out that royal life is more complicated than it looks. / When Papa Chockers is too sick to make lunch for Fabuloso and his special friend, Leo, Carmen, Andy and Luna search London for food that is truly special.

Wed May 15th, 9:00am
Wed May 15th, 2:30pm
Sat May 18th, 6:30am
Mon Jun 10th, 9:00am
Mon Jun 10th, 2:30pm
Thu May 23rd, 5:00pm
Fri May 24th, 1:00am
Sun May 26th, 5:00pm
Mon May 27th, 1:00am
Tue Jun 25th, 5:00pm
Wed Jun 26th, 1:00am

In Beijing, when the kids decide to give Luna her own special day, they discover that China already celebrates her with the Moon Festival. / In Beijing, while Carmen searches for a new home for Honey, the mischievous hamster takes residence in a giant drum that's about to be used in a drum ceremony.

Mon May 13th, 9:00am
Mon May 13th, 2:30pm
Tue Jun 11th, 9:00am
Tue Jun 11th, 2:30pm
Tue May 21st, 5:00pm
Wed May 22nd, 1:00am
Mon Jun 10th, 5:00pm
Tue Jun 11th, 1:00am

In London, Andy and friends are sent on an important shopping trip for the Circo, but the simple task becomes confusing due to differences between British and American English. / When thick fog hides London's Big Ben, Luna helps Andy realize that the sounds of the city can provide the necessary clues to find their way and solve a mystery.

Fri May 17th, 9:00am
Fri May 17th, 2:30pm
Tue May 7th, 1:00am
Wed May 22nd, 5:00pm
Thu May 23rd, 1:00am
Sat May 25th, 5:00pm
Sun May 26th, 1:00am
Thu Jun 20th, 5:00pm
Fri Jun 21st, 1:00am

In Cairo, Andy unearths an ancient statue, learning that objects buried thousands of years ago can be discovered and dug up anytime and anywhere! / In Cairo, comic-book fan Andy and the others search for the meaning of hieroglyphics that explain the exciting ending to the latest Amazing Man adventure.

Tue May 28th, 9:00am
Tue May 28th, 2:30pm
Mon Jun 3rd, 9:00am
Mon Jun 3rd, 2:30pm
Fri Jun 7th, 9:00am
Fri Jun 7th, 2:30pm
Wed Jun 26th, 9:00am
Wed Jun 26th, 2:30pm
Sat Jun 29th, 6:30am
Tue May 28th, 5:00pm
Wed May 29th, 1:00am
Fri May 31st, 5:00pm
Sat Jun 1st, 1:00am
Thu Jun 13th, 5:00pm
Fri Jun 14th, 1:00am
Sun Jun 16th, 5:00pm
Mon Jun 17th, 1:00am
Wed Jun 26th, 5:00pm
Thu Jun 27th, 1:00am

In Tokyo, when Andy wants to make posters for Senor Fabuloso, he and the others embark on a journey through the colorful world of Japanese papermaking and kites / In Tokyo, when Leo accidentally breaks his dad's special bowl, he learns about "Kintsugi," a way of repairing broken pottery to make it even more special.

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