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Let's Go Luna!

Latest Episodes

Wed Aug 14th, 9:30am
Wed Aug 14th, 2:30pm
Sat Aug 17th, 6:30am
Fri Sep 20th, 9:30am
Fri Sep 20th, 2:30pm
Wed Aug 21st, 5:00pm
Thu Aug 22nd, 1:00am
Wed Sep 18th, 5:00pm
Thu Sep 19th, 1:00am

In Delhi, Carmen goes looking for guitar strings so she can write her mother a birthday song, but in the process, she and the kids learn about a different stringed instrument called a sitar / In Delhi, although Andy's plan to photograph the colors of spring is complicated by overcast weather, in the end, the day transforms into a joyous celebration of color.

Fri Aug 30th, 9:30am
Fri Aug 30th, 2:30pm
Wed Sep 4th, 5:00pm
Thu Sep 5th, 1:00am

In Mexico City, the Circo orchestra gets a bad case of the hiccups, so Carmen finds a Mariachi band to fill in, causing Luna to break into wild dancing! / In Mexico City, Leo, Carmen, and Andy help return a lost cocoa bean to a friend's mother.

Tue Sep 3rd, 9:30am
Tue Sep 3rd, 2:30pm
Wed Aug 14th, 5:00pm
Thu Aug 15th, 1:00am
Sat Aug 17th, 5:00pm
Sun Aug 18th, 1:00am
Wed Sep 11th, 5:00pm
Thu Sep 12th, 1:00am

When Andy loses his basketball in Beijing, he learns that although competitive sports are fun, friendship is more important than winning. / In Beijing, Leo wants to taste all kinds of delicious Chinese food, but must first exercise patience in learning to use chopsticks.

Thu Sep 12th, 9:30am
Thu Sep 12th, 2:30pm
Fri Aug 23rd, 5:00pm
Fri Sep 20th, 5:00pm
Sat Sep 21st, 1:00am

In Moscow, Leo, Andy, and Carmen are enlisted to babysit a fussy baby bear. They must search the city to find his favorite lullaby. / In Moscow, Andy's love of space travel and planets is enriched by a trip to a famous space museum.

Fri Aug 9th, 9:30am
Tue Aug 6th, 5:00pm
Wed Aug 7th, 1:00am
Sat Aug 10th, 5:00pm
Sun Aug 11th, 1:00am
Thu Sep 12th, 5:00pm
Fri Sep 13th, 1:00am
Sun Sep 15th, 5:00pm
Mon Sep 16th, 1:00am

In London, Carmen loves the idea of being a queen at Buckingham Palace, but finds out that royal life is more complicated than it looks. / When Papa Chockers is too sick to make lunch for Fabuloso and his special friend, Leo, Carmen, Andy and Luna search London for food that is truly special.

Fri Sep 13th, 9:30am
Fri Sep 13th, 2:30pm
Mon Aug 26th, 5:00pm
Tue Aug 27th, 1:00am
Mon Sep 23rd, 5:00pm
Tue Sep 24th, 1:00am
Sat Sep 28th, 5:00pm
Sun Sep 29th, 1:00am

In Beijing, when the kids decide to give Luna her own special day, they discover that China already celebrates her with the Moon Festival. / In Beijing, while Carmen searches for a new home for Honey, the mischievous hamster takes residence in a giant drum that's about to be used in a drum ceremony.

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