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Let's Go Luna!

Let's Go Luna!

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Tue Apr 16th, 9:00am
Tue Apr 16th, 2:30pm
Thu May 9th, 9:00am
Thu May 9th, 2:30pm
Tue Apr 16th, 5:00pm
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Sat Apr 20th, 5:00pm
Sun Apr 21st, 1:00am
Fri May 17th, 5:00pm
Sat May 18th, 1:00am

In Cairo, Leo's plant "Bob" isn't doing well. Leo must find out what's wrong and save Bob! / When Carmen chases after her hamster in Cairo, she makes friends with a girl who helps her see that Egypt is not as ancient or unfamiliar as she thought.

Tue Apr 23rd, 9:00am
Tue Apr 23rd, 2:30pm
Tue May 7th, 9:00am
Tue May 7th, 2:30pm
Thu May 30th, 9:00am
Thu May 30th, 2:30pm
Tue Apr 30th, 5:00pm
Wed May 1st, 1:00am
Wed May 15th, 5:00pm
Thu May 16th, 1:00am

In Sydney, when Carmen temporarily loses her confidence, her participation in an Australian boomerang competition helps it come whizzing back / In Sydney, when Andy wants to hear a performance of his new favorite song, he finds that their opera house is a true architectural wonder, designed for listening to music.

Wed Apr 10th, 9:00am
Wed Apr 10th, 2:30pm
Sat Apr 13th, 6:30am
Mon Apr 29th, 9:00am
Mon Apr 29th, 2:30pm
Fri May 10th, 9:00am
Fri May 10th, 2:30pm
Wed Apr 17th, 5:00pm
Thu Apr 18th, 1:00am
Sun Apr 21st, 5:00pm
Mon Apr 22nd, 1:00am
Mon May 20th, 5:00pm
Tue May 21st, 1:00am

In Sydney, Carmen misplaces a didgeridoo she's borrowed from a friend and learns that making a new one is not as easy as it looks / Leo wants to ride with his favorite cowboy uncle in Sydney, but first must overcome his secret fear of horses.

Thu Apr 25th, 9:00am
Thu Apr 25th, 2:30pm
Mon May 6th, 9:00am
Mon May 6th, 2:30pm
Thu May 16th, 9:00am
Thu May 16th, 2:30pm
Wed May 29th, 9:00am
Wed May 29th, 2:30pm
Sat Jun 1st, 6:30am
Mon Apr 8th, 5:00pm
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Fri May 3rd, 5:00pm
Sat May 4th, 1:00am
Tue May 14th, 5:00pm
Wed May 15th, 1:00am
Sat May 18th, 5:00pm
Sun May 19th, 1:00am

In Delhi, Carmen goes looking for guitar strings so she can write her mother a birthday song, but in the process, she and the kids learn about a different stringed instrument called a sitar / In Delhi, although Andy's plan to photograph the colors of spring is complicated by overcast weather, in the end, the day transforms into a joyous celebration of color.

Thu May 2nd, 9:00am
Thu May 2nd, 2:30pm
Fri May 24th, 9:00am
Fri May 24th, 2:30pm
Tue Apr 9th, 5:00pm
Wed Apr 10th, 1:00am
Sat Apr 13th, 5:00pm
Sun Apr 14th, 1:00am
Fri Apr 26th, 5:00pm
Sat Apr 27th, 1:00am
Mon May 13th, 5:00pm
Tue May 14th, 1:00am

In Mexico City, the Circo orchestra gets a bad case of the hiccups, so Carmen finds a Mariachi band to fill in, causing Luna to break into wild dancing! / In Mexico City, Leo, Carmen, and Andy help return a lost cocoa bean to a friend's mother.

Fri Apr 19th, 9:00am
Fri Apr 19th, 2:30pm
Tue May 14th, 9:00am
Tue May 14th, 2:30pm
Wed May 1st, 5:00pm
Thu May 2nd, 1:00am
Sun May 5th, 5:00pm
Mon May 6th, 1:00am
Wed May 29th, 5:00pm
Thu May 30th, 1:00am

When Andy loses his basketball in Beijing, he learns that although competitive sports are fun, friendship is more important than winning. / In Beijing, Leo wants to taste all kinds of delicious Chinese food, but must first exercise patience in learning to use chopsticks.

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