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Best of Sewing with Nancy

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Are your stashed quilts "in a bind?" Overcome the fear of applying binding with Nancy's easy methods. Learn how to cut and apply traditional binding and binding for unique shapes (curves, hexagons, and more) including effortless mitered corners. Plus, Nancy shares ideas for using prepackaged binding with perfect results.

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Tue Sep 10th, 6:00am
Tue Sep 10th, 12:00pm

Nancy and Eileen Roche discuss the first three easy lessons for machine embroider. Lesson one: beginning basics provides necessary information on the top six machine features to look for in an embroidery machine and using appropriate stabilizers. Lesson two: embroidery designs enlightens embroiderers as to the differences in types and categories of designs. Lesson three: placement discusses using design templates and positioning aides to enable embroiderers to get the design to stitch in a precise location, as well as embroidery blanks.

WGBY Create
Tue Sep 17th, 6:00am
Tue Sep 17th, 12:00pm

Nancy and Eileen conclude their machine embroidery lessons with four through six. Lesson four: hooping provides information on different hoops, tools, and techniques that assist with the hooping process, as well as how to hoop the fabric and stabilizer. Lesson five: stitching covers final adjustments to make just before stitching out the embroidery design and fixing mishaps. Lesson six: finishing discusses simple yet important steps to follow after your design is complete, both before and after removing the hoop.

Take the annoyance out of creating quilt blocks that contain triangle shapes. Nancy demonstrates how to make no-hassle 1/2 square triangles using the speediest, most accurate and no-math ways. Among the 1/2 square triangle quilt blocks featured in this program are the Box Quilt, Shadow Play, Godey Design, Square in a Square, May Basket and Nancy's Spool blocks. Nancy uses these blocks in a sampler quilt featured in the series.

Make 1/4 square and 1/2 square triangles without cutting a single triangle! Learn to make 1/4 square triangles and modified 1/4 square triangles-Nancy teaches an easy method where no actual triangles are cut, only squares. Quilt blocks featured in this program range from beginner to experienced levels including the 1/4 Square Dance, Boy's Nonsense, Silent Star, Ohio Star, Star of Hope, and Card Trick blocks. Nancy uses these blocks in a sampler quilt featured in the series.

Make easy projects all starting with rectangles and squares. Nancy creates timesaving gifts such as a cosmetic bag, tote, and luggage saddlebag using comparable sewing steps, straight stitching, and double-sided quilted fabric. Plus, all of the projects start with easy patterns - rectangles and squares!

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