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Amanpour and Company

Latest Episodes

Tonight on Amanpour and Company: Alan Simpson, former Senator; Sir David Attenborough, Broadcaster, Environmentalist, Activist. Michel Martin interviews Rich Lowry, Editor, National Review.

Tonight on Amanpour and Company: Dominique Moisi, Special Adviser, Institut Montaigne; Louise Arbour, U.N. Special Representative for International Migration. Michel Martin interviews Sharon Cooper, Sandra Bland's sister and Kate Davis, Co-Director, Say Her Name.

Tonight on Amanpour and Company: David Remnick, Editor, The New Yorker; Josh Campbell, Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent. Alicia Menendez interviews Malcolm Nance, author, The Plot to Destroy Democracy.

Tonight on Amanpour and Company: Jamie Metzl, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council/Former National Security Council Member; Laurence Haim, Former Spokesperson for Emmanuel Macron. Alicia Menendez interviews Zoe Kazan, Actress and Writer.

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