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Amanpour and Company

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//player.pbs.org/partnerplayer/RwVimisvYOSwnNoVvCRJlA==/?topbar=false&end=0&endscreen=true&start=0&autoplay=false Christiane Amanpour speaks with former FBI Special Agent Michael German about the recent synagogue shooting; author Yascha Mounk about the state of Western democracy; and activist Varshini Prakash about climate change. Walter Isaacson speaks with actor Alec Baldwin about his career. /episodes/get/91798 /episode/91798 April 29, 2019 /episode-player/91798

Tonight on Amanpour and Company: Michael German, Former FBI Special Agent; Yascha Mounk, Author, The People vs. Democracy; Varshini Prakash, Co-Founder and Executive Dir., Sunrise Movement. Walter Isaacson interviews Alec Baldwin, Actor, Framing John DeLorean.

//player.pbs.org/partnerplayer/xxwcwZYJn50X3Ilg4q2TLw==/?topbar=false&end=0&endscreen=true&start=0&autoplay=false Danny Danon, Israeli Ambassador to the UN and Diana Buttu, former legal advisor to the PLO, each discuss the upcoming Israeli elections and ongoing peace process. Jared Cohen joins the program to discuss his book "Accidental Presidents." Dr. Ruth Westheimer escaped the Holocaust and... /episodes/get/91049 /episode/91049 April 3, 2019 /episode-player/91049

Danny Danon; Diana Buttu; Jared Cohen; Dr Ruth Westheimer.

//player.pbs.org/partnerplayer/yA8I2TiZw_fRvf4vIKtKnQ==/?topbar=false&end=0&endscreen=true&start=0&autoplay=false Christiane Amanpour speaks with Carlos Vecchio about the coup in Venezuela; and Robert Draper & Shannon Watts about gun control. Hari Sreenivasan speaks with architect Elizabeth Diller about her work. /episodes/get/91821 /episode/91821 April 30, 2019 /episode-player/91821

Carlos Vecchio; Robert Draper & Shannon Watts; Elizabeth Diller

//player.pbs.org/partnerplayer/7pY5sNGylj0A3l2sIRwyng==/?topbar=false&end=0&endscreen=true&start=0&autoplay=false Christiane Amanpour speaks with Jonathan Mahler & Jim Rutenberg about Rup[ert Murdoch; and Aaron Sorkin & Jeff Daniels about "To Kill a Mockingbird." Hari Sreenivasan speaks with Niall Ferguson about the rise of hate crimes in America, the US/China trade talks, and the current... /episodes/get/91077 /episode/91077 April 4, 2019 /episode-player/91077

Jonathan Mahler & Jim Rutenberg; Aaron Sorkin & Jeff Daniels; Niall Ferguson

//player.pbs.org/partnerplayer/Kj9OcQhSzqtznmRukWgGeQ==/?topbar=false&end=0&endscreen=true&start=0&autoplay=false Christiane Amanpour speaks with iconic editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour; and historian Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Michel Martin speaks to Mississippi author Kiese Laymon about his poignant memoir “Heavy.” /episodes/get/91173 /episode/91173 April 8, 2019 /episode-player/91173

Tonight on Amanpour and Company: Peter Millett, Former British Ambassador to Libya and David Kirkpatrick, New York Times International Correspondent; Richard Clarke, Former U.S. Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism. Hari Sreenivasan interviews David Breashears, Executive Director, GlacierWorks.

//player.pbs.org/partnerplayer/kPauFTtlaBTI_OiCtRw3rA==/?topbar=false&end=0&endscreen=true&start=0&autoplay=false As clashes and unrest roil North Africa, former British Ambassador to Libya Peter Millett and New York Times Correspondent David Kirkpatrick discuss the turmoil in the region. Former U.S. coordinator for security and counterterrorism Richard Clarke discusses America’s safety. Hari talks the impact... /episodes/get/91264 /episode/91264 April 9, 2019 /episode-player/91264

Tonight on Amanpour and Company: Anshel Pfeffer, Journalist/Author, Bibi: The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu; Michele Dunne, Director, Carnegie Endowment Middle East Program / Former State Department official; Mairead McGuinness, First Vice President, European Parliament; George Freeman, British Conservative MP. Walter Isaacson interviews David Brooks, Author, The Second Mountain.

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