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Food Over 50

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Mon Feb 3rd, 1:30am
Mon Feb 3rd, 5:30am
Sun Feb 9th, 5:30am

"Quality Calories: Eat Better & Count Less!" That's the title of this episode and it means exactly what it says. By consuming fresher, more wholesome foods, cooked without greasy coatings or rich sauces we can appease our appetites and enjoy our meals without adding a calculator to the table setting! David creates a garden-rich, wickedly tasty Spanish Tortilla that balances egg and cheese protein with the healthy bulk of new potatoes, chick peas and green beans, plus the subtle but provocative flavors of anchovy and sun-dried tomato. Yum!

This episode introduces good health and nutrition to the meals we eat, and sets the theme for the entire first series with one of the most common dietary dilemmas in America, the issue of red meat and cholesterol. The savory and taste-temping recipes, including bitter/sweet steak salad and roast lamb with chimichurri and ratatouille, puts into proportion how much is too much red meat and whether dietary cholesterol is actually the health threat we were convinced it was decades ago.

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Sun Feb 16th, 9:30am
Mon Feb 17th, 1:30am
Mon Feb 17th, 5:30am
Sun Feb 23rd, 5:30am

Do you recall the decades-old suppertime entreaty by our parents to "eat your roughage?" These days we call it fiber, but the sentiment is the same. That's why in this episode we're truly "Roughing It!" We'll be introduced to a Salmagundi, enlightened by an Antipasto and downright impressed by Tomates Farcies Au Pois! Food Over 50's chef/host David Jackson prepares three delectable recipes, each remarkably high in fiber but resembling broom straw and tree bark not at all!

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Sun Feb 23rd, 9:30am
Mon Feb 24th, 1:30am
Mon Feb 24th, 5:30am
Sun Mar 1st, 5:30am

Gluten vs. Gluten Free? Are we confused by the whole Gluten issue? Exactly what it is? What it does? Who it impacts? What are the symptoms of Gluten sensitivity? Well, in this episode we examine the facts about this stretchy little protein found in wheat, rye and barley. We dispel some of its myths and verify its truths by talking to a noted gastroenterologist and the past chair of the California Wheat Commission & U.S. Wheat Associates to examine both sides of the Gluten story. And equally important, chef/host David Jackson whips up Pasta and Pancakes!

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Sun Feb 9th, 9:30am
Mon Feb 10th, 1:30am
Mon Feb 10th, 5:30am
Sun Feb 16th, 5:30am

Whether or not we flirt with hypertension, a diet that Reduces, Replaces and Removes excess sodium, especially hidden sodium from preservatives, is important at any age. So, instead of adding too much salt to our meals, in this episode of Food Over 50 we are "Subtracting Sodium." Chef/host David Jackson builds a variety of sushi rolls, or NoriMaki, that are far easier to make than we might think. Not only is there less rice to reduce the carb load, but David uses fresh lemon to replace half the salty soy sauce, including an extra special sodium reducing trick!

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Sun Mar 15th, 9:30am
Mon Mar 16th, 1:30am
Mon Mar 16th, 5:30am
Sun Mar 22nd, 5:30am

There's no denying we all have a sweet tooth, but as we age and our A1c levels often tend to climb, lowering our refined sugar consumption makes a lot of sense. But what about our sweet tooth? Who wants to give up dessert? The first season of Food Over 50 brought us several delicious dessert options with zero refined sugar in David's initial "Sweet Things" episode. Season 2 is back with a second helping of healthier and more nutritious desserts in the episode "Sweet Things 2." Did you know that pears are high in fiber?

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