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Around The Corner with John McGivern

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Everyone who works on this show loved Menomonie --- and that's sayin' something! It's situated in northwestern Wisconsin, in the northernmost part of the driftless area, and it's gorgeous! Menomonie: a place with something for everyone to love, and a great end to our 7th season!

A pastor, a rabbi and a Nepalese chef all walk into ... Mequon and/or Thiensville, every day! As do the pharmacy students and staff at Concordia University, a hardware store owner, consignment shop owners, a catering company family, a village president and a mayor. And for four days, John joined them. There was too much to shoot in four days. .. And that's no joke!

The Garden District. The name sounds like this community should be in a pleasant little village where neighbors know each other and gather in community gardens. Well, add an international airport and 40,000 people and that's just what the 13th aldermanic district on the south side of Milwaukee is. With a name like the Garden District, you probably guessed, as we did, that this is a very environmentally conscious and eco-friendly community. But we found tons of unexpected experiences in this under-celebrated area.

In southwestern Wisconsin you'll find a city that is symbolized with the largest "M" in the world -- Platteville! Huh? Why not a big P? Turns out that the M is for "mining" which is how this city came to be. Platteville's past is interesting, but its present made memories for John. By the time we left, John gave the "M" his stamp of approval. Platteville: Approved (and loved) by McGivern!

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