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Around The Corner with John McGivern

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Delavan is completely unique, especially for the Around the Corner crew. This the only downtown we've ever been to that is defined by brick streets, a water tower and circus statues. Delevan is home to our only cookie jar museum, the one and only Bradley's department store and the only company we've been to that produces tubes used to artificially inseminate poultry and cattle. In Wisconsin, this is home to the only school for the deaf and the largest percentage of Latinos. For John, only Delavan will be remembered as the place that provided his craziest interviewee and his shortest...

Fish Creek and Ephraim are just minutes away from each other in Door County. And while these communities are really different, they are both part of the same wonderful Door County experience. We're on the Bay (west) side, in the middle of the Door - also known as the "busy" side. Yes, we had a full agenda, as do most tourists who come to this part of Door County, but this turned out to be one of the most relaxing episodes of the season because that's how Fish Creek and Ephraim are. You can't help but walk a little slower, talk a little less and smile a little more.

Grafton is like Miss Congeniality of Season 6! Friendly, graceful and good looking, this community gets high marks in all the important categories. In the talent category, Grafton has it covered with the artists and businesses at The Arts Mill, and the incredible band, Life in a Tree. In the Make-a-Difference category, you're not going to find better representatives than Mel's Charities and Josh Davis-Joiner's friends. In the personality category, banjo player Mike Gregory and Christmas tree farmers Lisa and Rick O'Malley were too much fun.

If all you know of Horicon is that there's a Marsh here, then you have (just like John did) a lot to learn. Truth is, the Horicon Marsh wildlife sanctuary - loved and known by bird and wildlife lovers throughout the world - deserves all the acclaim it gets. But even though the Marsh stole our hearts (what a remarkable place!), the City of Horicon steals the show. The John Deere Horicon Works is a shining example of this community's ability to retain big-time manufacturing, but the smaller business here are no less impressive. Horicon Bank and Leroy Meats are stars in this community.

Manitowoc is a city on the eastern shore of Wisconsin, north of Sheboygan and south of Green Bay that John McGivern LOVES! No, we mean it. What's not to love? Fair warning to those in Manitowoc: Don't be surprised if someday there's a Manitowoc mailbox with John's name on it. By being so inviting, you asked for it, Manitowoc!

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