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Born to Explore with Richard Wiese

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Wed Sep 11th, 9:00am
Wed Sep 11th, 3:00pm

It's a taste of the Wild West as it used to be, when herds of buffalo roamed the plains. Feel the thunder as Richard Wiese joins the cowboys and cowgirls of South Dakota in the 50th annual Buffalo Round Up at Custer State Park. Meet three generations of round-up riders as they put Richard through the paces on horseback. Join in the festivities of an all-American country fair and explore the underground caves of South Dakota as Richard goes spelunking.

Sun Sep 29th, 11:30am
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Thu Sep 26th, 11:00pm
Fri Sep 27th, 5:00am

Explore one of the oldest civilizations in the world in Sri Lanka, off the coast of India. Host Richard Wiese discovers the ancient cities and palaces of Anuradhapura which date back to the third century B.C. Journey into the jungles of Minneriya National Park where Richard meets up with Asian elephants, leopards, sloth bears and crocodiles. It's a rich exploration of culture and wildlife in this bio-diverse land of wonder.

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