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Destination Craft with Jim West

Latest Episodes

Jim West travels to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where master artisans teach paper mache, Huichol beading, pinata making, and creating giant Mojiganga puppets. He hopes to master the art of Mexican mosaics, craft sweet potato ice cream, learn about neo-muralism from street artists, and create a traditional mole sauce with chicken from a master chef.

Jim West travels to Nepal and the extraordinary Kathmandu Valley where master artisans teach paper and clay mask making, creating felted balls for clothes dryers, and crafting an extraordinary singing bowl. Jim also participates in Nepalese paper making and learns about traditional wood carving. He watches monks make sand mandala's in a Buddhist temple, and enjoys a cooking lesson from a special group of ladies.

Jim West travels to Cusco and Lima in Peru, South America where master artisans teach gourd carving, Peruvian pottery, and making a traditional retablo. He also crafts the perfect pan flute. Jim also makes a "ceviche" dish with a master chef, learns about silver jewelry making, and weaves colorful tapestries.

Jim West travels to the Warsaw and Krakow areas of Poland where master artisans teach how to make traditional Polish folk dolls, stained glass, and exquisite pottery. He makes Polish pierogi, visits the Wieliczka Salt Mines, and travels to a small "painted" village. He also sees the largest piece of lace in the world.

In this episode, Jim and his group of crafters learn how cork is produced and crafted, learn the art of Portuguese tile painting, craft colorful Estremoz dolls, learn the process of salt production, craft gold applique with a master artisan, visit a mosaic paving school, and make a traditional bacalhau from their crafter's kitchen.

In this episode, Jim and his group of crafters make the perfect Spanish guitar, visit a centuries-old sword factory, craft and design delicious marzipan, visit crafters who have special needs, design and carve stone with a master artisan, and make a traditional Spanish paella from their crafter's kitchen.

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