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Of Race and Reconciliation

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https://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/2365871695/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false A powerful documentary about the 1885 expulsion of Chinese immigrants in the city of Tacoma. /episodes/get/53289 /episode/53289 Of Race and reconciliation /episode-player/53289

Of Race and Reconciliation chronicles the Chinese experience in America around the year 1885. That was the year the Chinese residents of Tacoma were forcefully expelled from the city against the backdrop of increasingly alarming and even violent tensions between American citizens caught in an economic downturn and Chinese immigrants seeking opportunity in "Gum San," or the Land of the Golden Mountains they had heard about in America.

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Fri, 10/21/2016 - 04:00
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