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Make It Artsy

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WGBY Create
Wed Feb 19th, 6:00am

Explore stones and rocks in many different forms. First is Joe Rotella and a marble pour technique that has fascinating results when you add stones. Then meet Erin Gerlach for interesting patterns and designs on cabinet doors using natural materials. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer finishes with a notebook cover featuring a stone design stencil.

Add art to every surface; inside and out. Julie Fei Fan Balzer demonstrates a marbling technique. Then Joe Rotella has another all over technique known as dirty pour. Finally, Gail Wild creates a landscape inspired by the outdoors with her amazing technique.

Let's talk typography. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer doodles an art journal page. Metalsmith Mary Hettmansperger uses old letter stamps to create journals, covers and other art. Artist Rae Missigman uses words and mixed media to create a layered canvas panel. Jane Dunnewold shares an artsy idea.

From wearables to home dec, the key to artful living is embellishing with art in every nook and cranny. Julie Fei Fan Balzer wears her art as translucent jewelry. Artist Kae Pea stretches her art skyward with a moonlight panel. Last Lynne Suprock creates an artful outdoor table with intricate cut designs.

We all have certain memories, events or people that stand out in our life. These are the times of our lives we want to preserve and honor in our art. First Alexandra Stapleton creates a memory book featuring some of her favorite moments in time. Then meet Lynn Lilly as she remembers a favorite family vacation with a memory jar. Finally, a favorite frame becomes a beautiful tray with Erin Gerlach.

Keep track of time in an artistic way. Metal artist Mary Hettmansperger crafts clock parts into a necklace. For his favorite time piece, his phone, tool expert Joe Rotella makes a decorative stand. Mixed media artist Rae Missigman captures moments in time in an artful clipboard journal. Artist Jane Dunnewold has more artful ideas to share.

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