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Make It Artsy

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Plant life is a key element of the world around us and one we bring indoors too. This episode starts with host Julie Fei Fan Balzer and a short tutorial about shades of green, a featured color of plants. Then, Cat Kerr creates a unique art piece featuring a face that is highlighted by flowers. Next, Lynne Suprock creates a honey comb pot to hold your treasured plants. We finish with a sketchbook lesson with Tori Weyers and seeds and pods.

Explore below the surface. Cheryl Boglioli adds a variety of materials to a crafted form to make a gallery-ready figurine. Rae Missigman creates a trendy artistic cuff bracelet. Rebekah Meier makes a mixed media circle abstract on canvas. Jane Dunnewold talks about planning your art.

Make your art sparkle. Artist Jen Cushman wraps wire and stamps words to create a metallic flower. Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer crafts a variety of projects with decorative foils. Artist and teacher Cat Kerr molds shining eyes to use in lots of different projects. Learn a new tip from Jane Dunnewold.

It's all about signage and announcing your event. Julie Fei Fan Balzer makes a festive partyscape for any occasion. Julie McGuffee and Joe Rotella team up to make a shiny party banner and Julie Fei Fan Balzer makes paper tiles that look like clay tiles. Jane Dunnewold talks about collections.

We explore different ways to spice up our daily life and many include a little glitz! Julie Fan Balzer demonstrates three ways to add bling with stencils. Then, it's time for a little gold in the form of sweet treat art with Jodi Ohl. Last Candie Cooper adds a little bling to a jean jacket.

No matter how many stamps you have, you need more. Color-happy artist Mou Saha draws and cuts custom stamps. Julie Fei Fan Balzer makes cool wrapping paper from paper bags. Joe Rotella, tool expert, manufactures his own stamps from foam. In the tip, Mou Saha throws her stamping process into reverse to create new looks.

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