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Make It Artsy

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WGBY Create
Wed Feb 5th, 6:00am

Preserve the elements of nature you find inspiring in mementos especially cards. You'll have them to look at and enjoy long after the event is over. First, host Julie Fei Fan Balzer creates a nature inspired card that you can create multiple times. Then, it's pop ups with Joe Rotella. He's known for his engineering of these fun cards and it features his favorite a bee! Finally, enjoy the symmetry of nature with stamps in a beautiful card with Alexandra Stapleton.

WGBY Create
Wed Mar 4th, 6:00am

Nature is all encompassing from animals to insects, plants and seasons, and weather and rocks. First, host Julie Fei Fan Balzer shows a new way to screen print right at home and make a flying pig stuffed toy. Then, Joe Rotella shows how to make a wood honeycomb niche wall shelf. Finally, it's another lesson with Tori Weyers entitled the color of seasons.

This episode features some nature look-alikes or items that might appear at first glance to be from nature. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer begins with faux cyanotypes - no sun required! Then, Cat Kerr creates a journal cover; look closely as nature peeks thru. Next, it's more windows but this time its faux stained glass from Karenliz Henderson. Finally, visit the lakes and streams in your sketchbook with Tori Weyers.

WGBY Create
Wed Feb 26th, 6:00am

Nature's elements include those that are growing and those that result from being exposed to nature. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer begins with paint blob flowers, a fun and easy way to create flowers with a minimum of drawing. Then, Alexandra Stapleton creates a card using a stamped, cut out of a floral image. Seth Apter creates a rust monoprint; the weathered look shows the effects of nature. Finally, Tori Weyers has lesson 2 and left handed flowers.

A popular term is "nesting". Add comfort to your environment by filling it with things that rejuvenate you and feather your nest with art. Julie Fei Fan Balzer starts out with a pillow. Then Lynn Lilly creates a family memory book. Finally Joe helps decorate our nest with unique wall art featuring feathered friends.

Add something new to your creative routine. Tool expert Joe Rotella uses today's latest cutting technology to create glitter applique. Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer makes collages with acrylic skins and films. Studio artist Cynthia Thornton paints fashions and faces to create a charming fabric doll. Jane Dunnewold shares another art tip.

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