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Make It Artsy

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Inspire a young maker with kid-friendly art projects. Folk artist Mystele Kirkeeng paints a portrait of a cup inspired by various designs. Studio artist Cynthia Thornton paints and assembles charming paper dolls. Jewelry expert Candie Cooper tops things off with a beautiful beaded crown. Jane Dunnewold shares another art tip.

Peel back the layers to discover more artistic possibilities. Mixed media maker Roxanne Coble alters postcards with blobs, patterns and drips. Collage artist Rebekah Meier sews circles to make mandalas. Tool expert, Joe Rotella, molds and casts accessories and embellishments. Crafter Kathy Cano-Murillo has a tip for layering scraps to make a new surface.

WGBY Create
Wed Mar 18th, 6:00am

Living creatures are all around us in nature. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer begins with paper beetles; a fun and easy project drawing project. Then, Cheryl Holz has a dragonfly portrait made with transparent overlays. Next, Cat Kerr has a wall hanging made from an embroidery hoop featuring pigs. We finish with a nature inspired doodling meditation from Tori Weyers.

Take a look outside, maybe from the door or a window and observe what's going on. Joe Rotella did just that, and learned a lot about mason bees, he shares that knowledge and a mason bee house project. Then, Dina Wakley observes a moment in time thru a window in a segment filmed earlier. Finally, it's sticks and stones with Tori Weyers and mark making and inspiration using natural objects.

Add artistic flair to your home. Jewelry-maker Candie Cooper makes beaded vases and luminaries. Mixed media artist Cat Kerr shows a new technique for using resin to create textured sheets. Artist Rae Missigman makes a small canvas to add an artful touch to any room. Back with another art tip is Jane Dunnewold.

Appreciate the benefits of art in our life, by making, for stress free living. Julie Fei Fan Balzer begins with watercolor lettering. Betty Busby returns for step 2 in her artistic process and the creation of a sea life scene. Last Candie Cooper demonstrates a pouring technique where you never really know the outcome.

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