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Make It Artsy

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Folk art is the essence of a culture. Painter and maker Mystele Kirkeeng paints abstract folk art faces and figures. Tool expert Joe Rotella uses baker's twin to weave new art on a tin tile. Host Julie Fei-Fan Balzer draws repeating shapes to create a meditative mandala. Jane Dunnewold shares another artistic perspective.

Once it's built, it's time for the grand opening! Dress up with wood and clay jewelry holder from Candie Cooper. Jen Cushman stamps an on-trend metal bracelet. Rae Missigman makes a cute purse from recycled products. Mary Hettmansperger has safety tips for working in your studio.

Grab your hard hat to make heavy-duty art. Julie Fei Fan Balzer cuts, embosses and paints metal to create home decor. Make a lamp with interchangeable panels with Joe Rotella. Cheryl Boglioli mixes media and crackles it on canvas for special effects and Jane Dunnewold has more ideas about the inner artist.

A popular artistic trend features old, aged or antiqued looks. There are so many ways to alter the look of a material or design to give it the patina of yesteryear. First host Julie Fei Fan Balzer demonstrates a technique for giving stenciling an aged look. Then Mary Hettmansperger has a tutorial on how to rust, distress, or age just about any material from metal to fabric. Finally, Candie Cooper embosses and distresses leather to make a key fob.

Today, art becomes fashion. Mixed media artist Rae Missigman makes a wearable art journal for her artful ideas. Today's hottest jewelry trend is crafted into a bangle bracelet by Jen Cushman. Artist Candie Cooper affirms her art statement by embellishing boots. Jane Dunnewold has another idea about the maker's movement.

Timing is everything! Doing steps in the right order, waiting for a resin to set, letting glue dry - these are issues we are all aware of. In this episode we look at projects where timing makes the difference. First is a foiling project, where order makes the difference. Then Dina Wakley has a paint technique using rubbing alcohol. Finally, Joe Rotella makes a wine cork shadow box personalized with a favorite sentiment.

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