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Make It Artsy

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Nourish your mind with a good book. Artist and writer Andrew Thornton sculpts a beautiful book cover. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer creates a whole book out of a single piece of paper. Tool expert Joe Rotella binds books inspired by ancient techniques from the Far East. Jane Dunnewold shares another artsy idea.

Combine materials with inspiration to make contemporary art. Julie Fei Fan Balzer sews and stamps fabric embellishments for book covers and more. Debbi Simon combines clay with uncommon materials to create unique 3-D pieces. Julie Fei Fan Balzer screen prints with stencils and Mary Hettmansperger adds shine to metalwork with mica.

From basic blocks, great new art is built. Lynn Suprock uses a blender to turn recycled materials into paper. Rebekah Meier cuts, sews and paints a multi-media collage. Mary Hettmansperger makes cold connection jewelry and Jane Dunnewold shares more ideas on alignment.

We quantify time with the terms past, present and future. Today is all about the present and capturing the "now" in your life. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer starts out with a watercolor card displayed in a divided page. Then create a clear book with Cat Kerr. You are enticed by glimpses of the rest of the pages through the cover. Finally, Erin Gerlach makes a fishbowl terrarium.

WGBY Create
Wed Mar 25th, 6:00am

Nature is a cycle of growth, and change. Host Julie Fei Fan Balzer begins with stenciled tiles that have infinite variations. Then, Sandra Evertson has a box that mimics the effect of aging with a Verdigris finish. Last, celebrate a birthday or any festive occasion with a reusable banner shown by Emily Thompson.

By reinforcing art daily, we develop a behavior and routine to being creative. Julie Fei Fan Balzer begins with a daily calendar, and then Jodi Ohl introduces us to her routine of coffee and watching the birds in her yard. Finally, artist Tori Weyers introduces us to a daily sketchbook practice.

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