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Inuit hunter Hivshu, a.k.a. Robert E. Peary II, traces the story of his great grandfather the famous Arctic explorer, and the mystery of his Eskimo ancestors who Peary brought back to New York as part of an exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in 1897. Using archival footage, photos and audio recordings the film chronicles Peary's exploration of the Arctic and his still controversial 1909 claim to be the first man to reach the North Pole.

Immigration and refugees continue to be a hot button issue among U.S. and European politics. With the global refugee crisis getting worse, more and more families are fleeing the violence of their home countries in hopes of finding safety somewhere else. SKY AND GROUND follows side-by-side with one such Syrian family on their three-month journey from Greece to Germany. Facing countless setbacks, heartaches, and threats of deportation along the way, their resounding determination propels them towards a better future.

Tashi Bista dreams of installing a makeshift wind turbine in Namdok, a remote village nestled high amongst the Himalayas of Nepal. Battered by wind and cold, Namdok, has been in darkness for centuries. Wearing Ray Bans to shield his eyes from the dust and just a leather jacket to insulate him from the bitter cold he surveys the village. Tashi Bista, the sturdiest activist in town provides a fresh perspective to alternative energy. He grew up in this region without electrical power. He is determined to bring lights to Namdok in an effort to prove himself to the skeptical village community.

The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World - With 5,000 tables and a staff of 1,000, West Lake Restaurant in the capital city of Changsha can safely call itself "the biggest Chinese restaurant in the world." West Lake, a microcosm of modern China, reveals stories showing that not every individual benefits from China's economic boom. Japan: A Story of Love and Hate - In Japan's bubble economy days, Naoki had it all: a successful business, multiple luxury cars, and a six-bedroom house. When the economy crashed in 1992, he lost it all.

After a youth full of drinking and night clubs, Ittetsu Nemoto was in a near fatal motorcycle accident. Hospitalized for three months, he realized how precious life was and became a Zen Buddhist monk. Now, in a temple nestled between rice fields and forested hills in rural Japan, his life's work is to save people from committing suicide. "What makes life worth living?" he asks. This question fuels his unconventional approach to suicide prevention. Retreats, pilgrimages, meditation, and collaborative art projects help patients realize what they'd be leaving behind.

The iconic monarch butterflies and an indigenous Mexican community depend on the same ancient forest for their survival...but they face uncertainty. Journey through the butterfly dense mountaintops of Michoacan as the people of Donaciano Ojeda face illegal loggers and internal divisions while struggling to build a sustainable path forward.

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