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Ready Jet Go!

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Thu Feb 20th, 6:00am
Wed Mar 11th, 8:00am
Wed Mar 11th, 9:00pm
Thu Mar 12th, 5:00am
Sat Mar 14th, 7:00am
Sat Mar 14th, 9:00pm
Sun Mar 15th, 5:00am

"Diggin' Earth" - The kids try to dig into the Center of the Earth (a la Commander Cressida), but after finding out that the center is much too hot and the layer of Earth leading up to it is solid rock, they re-vamp their plans. They decide to become the kids to dig down the deepest into the Earth. Learning about the layers of the Earth inspires Jet to make an Earth Layer Cake. Curriculum: Earth's structure consists of molten nickel-iron core, magma mantle, and crust. The reason we can't easily dig down through to the core is because the Earth's crust is 10-30 miles thick!

Mon Mar 30th, 8:00am
Mon Mar 30th, 9:00pm

Jet is fascinated by the effects of wind on his saucer. He and the kids study how wind works, ending with Sean going on a wild saucer ride. / Jet is fascinated by Earthie golf, and Sean and Sydney try to teach him the rules. When the DSA builds a new mini-golf course, the kids team up against the grownups, and Jet gets to apply his new knowledge of force.

Mon Mar 16th, 9:00pm
Tue Mar 17th, 5:00am

Jet is amazed to find out that the entire Earth doesn't have the same season at the same time. So he flies with Sydney and Sean from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere to compare and experience holidays in winter and summer...all in one day! Mindy feels bad that she's the smallest kid in the group, so sympathetic Jet and friends use a shrink-ray and become her size. The plan goes awry, and Jet, Sean, Sydney, and Sunspot become the size of mice. Mindy has to follow intricate diagrams to reverse the shrink-ray!

Mon Feb 24th, 8:00am
Mon Feb 24th, 9:00pm
Tue Feb 25th, 5:00am

Sean is planning his first sleepout under the stars with his Space Scouts troop, but the weather is threatening, and it looks like his sleepout will be rained out. The kids get help from Mitchell , building a weather observation station to make a weather prediction, and visit the DSA for further help by tracking the weather with satellites. A total eclipse of the Sun is coming to Boxwood Terrace! The kids prepare a Total Eclipse song and dance to perform at the DSA, where the whole town is gathered for the event.

Wed Feb 19th, 6:00am
Sat Feb 22nd, 7:00am
Wed Feb 26th, 8:00am
Wed Feb 26th, 9:00pm
Thu Feb 27th, 5:00am
Sun Mar 1st, 7:00am

When a strange bird lands in Jet's yard, the kids learn it is a migrating Snow Goose who is using Jet's yard as a temporary stopping-off place. Several more Snow Geese arrive, and the kids set up an "observation station" to make notes about their migrating habits. Sean accidentally drops his beloved Neil Armstrong action figure into a large crack in the ground in the woods behind his house. The kids all work together to engineer some kind of robotic arm to reach down into the crack and rescue Neil!

Mon Feb 10th, 6:00am
Fri Feb 14th, 6:00am
Mon Mar 9th, 6:00am
Mon Feb 10th, 8:00am
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Sun Feb 16th, 5:30am
Sun Feb 16th, 9:30pm
Mon Feb 17th, 5:30am

As the kids get ready for Valentines Day by making their own valentines out of paper, Mindy continues to feel sad that little, frozen Pluto is so far out at the edge of the solar system. When Sydney shows Mindy a newly-downloaded, full-color image of Pluto as seen by the New Horizons spacecraft, Mindy is intrigued by Pluto's "heart" of ice. Mindy once again feels that Pluto deserves our love, since it's no longer considered a planet, but is orbiting out there at the edge of our solar system, like a big frozen Valentine.

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