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Nature Cat

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Thu May 16th, 8:00am
Thu May 16th, 3:00pm
Mon May 6th, 6:00pm
Tue May 7th, 2:00am

The Queen of the Night - Sweet jumping gerbils! Tonight is the one night a year that the Queen of the Night cactus blooms but the flower only lasts for a few hours! Daisy has always wanted to go to the desert to see it. But to find the flower in the great big desert - and in time - Nature Cat and the gang are sure going to need some help from new friends. Space Rocks - Nature Cat and his pals are on a top-secret, extremely important mission to find a real space rock for Squeeks' rock collection.

Tue May 21st, 8:00am
Tue May 21st, 3:00pm
Mon Jun 3rd, 6:00pm
Tue Jun 4th, 2:00am

The Shell Game - Nature Cat and his pals are ready to play Ronald in their five-player volleyball championship match of the world! They've been practicing all week and are so ready! There's only one problem: their fifth player, Herbert the Hermit Crab, is having a little shell trouble. His shell doesn't fit anymore and he can't play volleyball without one. Can Nature Cat and the gang find the perfect shell to protect Herbert's little crabby belly in time for the game? Or will they be forced to forfeit, making Ronald the champion?

Wed Jun 5th, 8:00am
Wed Jun 5th, 3:00pm
Sun Jun 9th, 8:30am
Tue May 14th, 6:00pm
Wed May 15th, 2:00am

The Shellersons - On a trip to Barrel Cactus National Park to enjoy nature in all its glorious splendor, Nature Cat and his pals encounter Shelby, a very sad desert tortoise. Today is Shelby's Shellerson Family Reunion party, but none of the other Shellerson members have shown up! Nature Cat vows to help Shelby and find his family members, "The Shellerson Family Reunion will go on!" Only The Shadow Knows - As Daisy, Hal and Squeeks are having a blast making shadow puppets, Nature Cat is just sitting in a tree, watching and waiting, waiting and watching. For what?

Wed May 15th, 8:00am
Wed May 15th, 3:00pm
Sun May 19th, 8:30am
Wed Jun 19th, 6:30pm
Thu Jun 20th, 2:30am

The Treasure of Bad Dog Bart - While digging a hole to bury his bone, Hal uncovers Bad Dog Bart's treasure map. Legend has it that Bag Dog Bart stole the neighborhood dogs' toys, and buried them in a treasure chest for himself! No fair! Nature Cat and his pals must decipher the map so they can right this wrong, find Bad Dog Bart's treasure chest and return all of the stolen dog toys! Tally ho! Pet Sounds - The Nature Cat Band is ready for The Battle of the Pet Bands! They've been practicing for weeks and cannot wait to compete!

Thu May 9th, 8:00am
Thu May 9th, 3:00pm
Thu Jun 20th, 6:00pm
Fri Jun 21st, 2:00am

There's Gold in Them Thar Hills - Squeeks accidentally finds a small nugget of gold in the park stream, but then she inadvertently loses it! To make her feel better, Nature Cat ventures back to the stream to do all he can to try and find another piece of gold for Squeeks. Nature Cat and Mr. Hide - Nature Cat hopes to finally beat Ronald at the Neighborhood Hide 'N' Seek Championship - Cat Edition. His chances for victory improve when his pals introduce him to what a lot of animals use in the wild: camouflage.

Tue May 7th, 8:00am
Tue May 7th, 3:00pm
Mon Jun 24th, 6:00pm
Tue Jun 25th, 2:00am

Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?! Oh no! A long-awaited play date with Daisy's butterfly friends is at risk because there are no flowers around for the butterflies to feed on. When all seems lost, Nature Cat steps up to save the day. He and his pals decide to build a new butterfly garden before the butterflies have to fly off. For the Birdies! - With winter approaching, and the neighborhood birds' food sources dwindling, Nature Cat, Squeeks, Hal and Daisy set out to build bird feeders, to give the birds a much needed food boost for the winter months.

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