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Nature Cat

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Thu Feb 6th, 7:30am
Thu Feb 6th, 3:00pm

Stop That Squirrel - Oh yeah! Nature Cat and his pals can't wait for a day of backyard bird watching! And Nature Cat has a sure-fire way to attract the birds - the bird feeder! But things take a turn when a grey squirrel named Cruiser breaks into the birdfeed and takes all the birdseed for himself. Squirrel Power! Can Nature Cat and the gang build a bird feeder that Cruiser can't conquer and save their day of backyard bird watching? Onward and Pondward - Nature Cat and his pals meet a Little Duckling who's in a hurry to leave his pond home - for good!

Thu Mar 19th, 7:30am
Thu Mar 19th, 3:00pm
Thu Mar 12th, 5:30pm
Fri Mar 13th, 1:30am

Stream and Shout - Nature Cat goes to his Nature Curiosity List for inspiration, and finds number 73: "Where do streams begin?" This seemingly simple question leads the gang on an action-packed adventure, as they follow the stream uphill, exploring new environments and meeting all sorts of friendly critters. When they finally find out where the stream begins they are whoa-ho-ho amazed! Hal's Day Off - After a silly mishap leaves Hal alone in the big city (well, he does have his chew-toy Mr.

Mon Mar 2nd, 7:30am
Mon Mar 2nd, 3:00pm
Fri Mar 6th, 5:30pm
Sat Mar 7th, 1:30am

Get ready, gang, it's time for Nature Cat's annual Summer Fest - summer fun, the whole day long. Whoo hooo! First up is their Summer Fest Sprinkler Frolic, followed by Summer Fest Bike Ride and Summer Fest Kickball game. Nothing can ruin their wonderful Summer Fest, except for the super tall dark clouds approaching and the ominous cool breeze. Man oh man! A thunderstorm! But wait a tick, what is that stuff falling from the sky? It looks like snow, but it's bouncy. Snow in the summertime? Gimme some whaaaaat? / No one has ever seen Houston as excited as he is today. Know why?

Thu Feb 20th, 7:30am
Thu Feb 20th, 3:00pm
Wed Mar 11th, 7:30am
Wed Mar 11th, 3:00pm
Sun Mar 15th, 8:30am
Wed Mar 25th, 5:30pm
Thu Mar 26th, 1:30am
Sun Mar 29th, 2:30pm
Sun Mar 29th, 10:30pm

Tally Ho! A Rainbow - After a rainstorm (Nature Cat is sure glad it's over!) Daisy wants to capture a picture of a rainbow for her Granny Bunny who just loves rainbows! But finding a rainbow is easier said than done, as the four friends trek all over in search of it! Travelin' Seeds - When Daisy finds a beautiful flower in her garden that she didn't plant, it's up to Nature Cat and his pals to find out where the flower came from. Their investigation leads them through the park and into the woods where the clues show them that seeds can actually travel far distances and grow where they land.

Fri Feb 21st, 3:00pm
Tue Mar 24th, 7:30am
Tue Mar 24th, 3:00pm
Sat Mar 28th, 9:00am

It could quite possibly be Nature Cat's worst nightmare! Squeeks tells her friends a spooky story of a creature that looks like a snake and swims in the river, and nobody knows where it comes from or where it goes. Nature Cat is just glad this is a story and not real, but Squeeks says it is real and shows a picture of the swimming snake. Excited, Squeeks wants to go and look for this creature, and when Daisy and Hal want to join her, Nature Cat knows that his worst nightmare has just come true!

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