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Nature Cat

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Thu Jul 2nd, 3:00pm

Moth Frolic-Fest - Hal can't believe it! While he was at the groomers, Hal missed out on a Full-Out, Butterfly Frolic- Fest, and now he has a frolic itch that just needs to be scratched! Trouble is it's dusk and butterflies are only active during the day. There are no butterflies around? Say it isn't so! But don't worry because the gang has a sweet idea! Moths come out at night and they frolic! Maybe they can find a moth for Hal to frolic with. Onward and mothward!

Fri May 22nd, 5:30pm
Sat May 23rd, 1:30am

Muck Amok - Squeeks' cousin Marvin needs big-time help, right away! His marsh home is in danger of flooding! Tally ho! Nature Cat and his pals are called into action to investigate and figure out how to stop the flooding before more animals are forced to leave their marsh homes. Follow Those Footprints - Tally ho, it's Nature Art Day! An extremely excited Nature Cat proudly unveils his latest nature masterpiece - a statue of himself made out of acorns. But there's a slight problem: the statue's acorn head is gone! Uh-oh, where'd it go?!

Mud Love - To bring Hal's dream of Mud Appreciation Day to fruition, all his pals must lend a muddy hand, collecting different kinds of mud and setting up for the super fun and super messy celebration. But there is one slight problem, Nature Cat doesn't like mud and really wants no part of any of it! Call It a Night - While playing flashlight tag at night, Nature Cat's hat falls off his head onto the ground, and then surprises everyone by scattering off into the dark night! An already scared Nature Cat is now sad, worried that he will never wear his beloved Nature Cat hat again!

Tue Jun 16th, 11:00am
Tue Jun 16th, 5:30pm
Wed Jun 17th, 1:30am

It's Nature Stories day today and as his friends gather around, Nature Cat tells his made-up silly story of where the wind comes from. And who would've guessed that according to Nature Cat, wind comes from the elephants in the west who use their huge trunks to blow cool air across the land! Funny! Squeeks and Hal get into the silly storytelling spirit with their tale of how the firefly got its light - it's because the sun gave them light on their tails so they can have parties at night and see what they are doing. Really wacky!

Sun May 17th, 8:30am
Mon May 18th, 7:30am
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Tue Jul 7th, 1:30am

A day for celebrating Hal and his favorite chew toy Mr. Chewinsky's three-year anniversary as dog and toy has gone from joyous fun to total sadness as Nature Cat has made a terrible mistake! Nature Cat accidentally dropped Mr. Chewinsky down the storm drain, and now he is floating on the storm water, working his way through the drain system to the river and out to the ocean! Oh no! As the gang goes to find and save Mr. Chewinsky, they learn how all waterways are connected, and also meet up with a new special friend named Nature Dog, who helps them navigate the oceans. Will they find Mr.

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