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Nature Cat

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Mon Sep 9th, 7:30am
Mon Sep 9th, 3:00pm
Tue Aug 20th, 5:30pm
Wed Aug 21st, 1:30am

Let's Talk Turkey Vulture - It's a crisp autumn day and Nature Cat and his pals are raking leaves in their backyard when a large creepy shadow suddenly covers them. Nature Cat looks up to see big bald birds swooping over their heads. What are those things? And what do they want? Ahhhh! The scary birds come down to introduce themselves as Tammy and Tobias. The gang learns that they're turkey vultures, and despite their intimidating appearance, they come in peace, man!

Tue Sep 17th, 7:30am
Tue Sep 17th, 3:00pm
Sat Sep 21st, 9:00am
Sat Aug 10th, 5:30pm
Sun Aug 11th, 1:30am

Lights Out For Sea Turtles! - Nature Cat and his pals are camping out on the beach! Sweet! While they're looking for seashells they run into Squeeks sea turtle friend, Celia, who just laid more than one hundred eggs. Squeeks wants to see the baby sea turtles up close and watch them run to the ocean. She hears the cuteness factor is off the charts! Celia's eggs won't hatch for a while, but she says there are lots of other nests on the beach and some of the eggs are bound to hatch tonight. Best. Beach. Campout. EVER! Time to find a sea turtle nest!

Thu Aug 15th, 7:30am
Thu Aug 15th, 3:00pm
Mon Sep 30th, 5:30pm
Tue Oct 1st, 1:30am
Wed Sep 11th, 6:00pm
Thu Sep 12th, 2:00am

How did Kathy, a little lost spiny lobster, wind up in Nature Cat's backyard? It had something to do with getting stuck inside a fisherman's boot, but now there is a big problem. Kathy needs to get back home, but she's not sure where she lives. Not to worry, Nature Cat and his pals have helped many an animal get back to their homes, and they will help Kathy. It should be a piece of cake. Does Kathy have any idea where she lives? Kathy says her home is among the trees. Trees?! How can a lobster live in a tree? Whaaaat? / Get ready and buckle up, Nature Adventurers!

Mon Aug 26th, 7:30am
Mon Aug 26th, 3:00pm
Mon Sep 23rd, 6:00pm
Tue Sep 24th, 2:00am

Mighty Mountain Climbers - On a dare from Ronald, Nature Cat and his pals try to climb all the way up to The Mighty Mountain Peak. They get all the supplies they need, and head out, led by Nature Cat. But they soon find out that hiking up a mountain is hard, and poses many problems no matter how prepared you are. Will they make it all the way to the peak?! Bug Eating Plants! - A super excited Squeeks shows her brand-new, homemade comic "Bug Eating Plants of The Swamp!" to her pals.

Wed Sep 25th, 7:30am
Wed Sep 25th, 3:00pm
Sun Sep 29th, 8:30am
Mon Aug 26th, 5:30pm
Tue Aug 27th, 1:30am

Moth Frolic-Fest - Hal can't believe it! While he was at the groomers, Hal missed out on a Full-Out, Butterfly Frolic- Fest, and now he has a frolic itch that just needs to be scratched! Trouble is it's dusk and butterflies are only active during the day. There are no butterflies around? Say it isn't so! But don't worry because the gang has a sweet idea! Moths come out at night and they frolic! Maybe they can find a moth for Hal to frolic with. Onward and mothward!

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