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Steven Raichlen's Project Smoke

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https://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/3001388503/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Much at Steak. A show devoted to the most awesome cut of meat to grill: steak. Unleash your inner carnivore and build your confidence whenever you step up to the grill to cook the perfect slab of meat. Learn how to smoke on a kettle grill, pellet smoker, electric smoker, and offset barrel smoker. /episodes/get/54225 /episode/54225 Episode 301: Much At Steak /episode-player/54225

A show devoted to the most awesome cut of meat to grill: steak. Unleash your inner carnivore and build your confidence whenever you step up to the grill to cook the perfect slab of meat. Up first, a magisterial wood-grilled beef tomahawk steak topped with Pt. Reyes blue cheese butter. Followed by a four-finger thick cherry-smoked New York strip steak, whose juices become part of an intensely flavorful sauce you build right on the cutting board. Then a plancha-seared "steak" from the sea: bacon-wrapped albacore tuna "filet mignons" sauced with peppercorn cream sauce.

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Sat, 05/27/2017 - 12:00
https://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/2365812746/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Did you ever wonder what goes into making a TV show like Project Smoke? Come behind the scenes for a unique look at how we bring the show to life, from building the set to smoking the food. Plus, get the inside scoop on never before seen recipes, some of our favorite dishes, and other smoky... /episodes/get/45865 /episode/45865 Episode 213: Behind The Smoke /episode-player/45865

Come behind the smoke as Steven pushes the envelope with a refreshing lime and mint mezcalini, hay-smoked quail eggs, Danish smoked shrimp and, believe it or not, smoked ice cream! Mezcalini; Danish smoked shrimp; Hay-smoked quail eggs; Bacon sundaes; Smoked chocolate bread pudding; Smoked ice cream with rum raisin sauce.

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Fri, 08/12/2016 - 12:00
https://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/2365802832/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Good things may come in small packages, but when it comes to barbecue, bigger is better. Learn to think (and smoke) big with oversized cuts of meat, a whole suckling pig, and an epic dessert. /episodes/get/45847 /episode/45847 Episode 212: The Big Smoke /episode-player/45847

Good things come in small packages? Maybe for jewelry, but not when it comes to barbecue. This show is all about thinking big and smoking big-with brined monster-thick smoked pork chops; wood-roasted Cape Town lamb; and spectacular smoked whole suckling pig. Our grand finale? Chocolate bread pudding hot off the smoker. Because sometimes bigger really is better. Triple-thick pork chops; Cape Town lamb; Smoked chocolate bread pudding; Smoked suckling pig, vinegar slaw, and vinegar sauce.

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Fri, 08/05/2016 - 12:00
https://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/2365802824/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Everyone loves a cocktail party—especially when you infuse the menu with the intoxicating aroma of wood smoke. Check out these smokehouse recipes inspired by the world’s diverse cuisines from Spain to Australia and exploding with unique flavors. /episodes/get/45823 /episode/45823 Episode 211: Smokehouse Cocktail Party /episode-player/45823

You've sourced and seasoned your meat. You awoke early to fire up your smoker. What better way to celebrate than with a smokehouse cocktail party? We've got a big- flavored international menu for you, including grilled sangria, Danish smoked shrimp, Australian lemon-sesame chicken wings, and an eye-popping Project Smoke cheesesteak. **Lemon-sesame chicken wings; Danish smoked shrimp; Grilled sangria; The Project Smoke "cheesesteak".

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Fri, 07/29/2016 - 12:00
https://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/2365802810/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Barbecue originated in the Caribbean with a Taino Indian smoker-grill called a barbacoa. Explore barbecue’s tropical roots with a tour of the Caribbean, from the French West Indies to Mexico. /episodes/get/45800 /episode/45800 Episode 210: Tropical Smoke /episode-player/45800

Barbecue originated in the Caribbean-literally-with a Taino Indian smoker-grill called a barbacoa. This show salutes tropical barbecue, from French West Indian buccaneer chicken to traditional Mexican barbacoa. Learn how to smoke snapper to make a spicy fish dip and use a handheld smoker to prepare a lime- and mint-scented mezcalini cocktail. Smoked snapper dip with smoked vegetable chips; Buccaneer chicken; Oaxacan barbacoa; Mezcalini.

Air date:
Fri, 07/22/2016 - 12:00
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https://video.pbs.org/widget/partnerplayer/2365802801/?player=WGBY-PBS&w=512&h=288&chapterbar=true&autoplay=false Usually, smoking requires time and patience. But what if you could achieve great smoke flavor in 5 to 10 minutes? From steak to cocktails, learn how to smoke in a snap. /episodes/get/45779 /episode/45779 Episode 209: Smoke In A Hurry /episode-player/45779

Grilling is fast. Smoking demands patience. But what if you could achieve great smoke flavor in five to 10 minutes? In this show, you'll learn how to smoke in a hurry, from spectacular spruce-smoked steaks to a dragon's breath cocktail dramatically served in a smoking brandy snifter. Ember-smoked corn and a Project Smoke first: smoked ice cream. Set your stopwatch: We're smoking in a hurry. Dragon's breath cocktail; Hay-smoked mozzarella (smoked caprese salad) ; Spruce-smoked steaks; Ember-roasted corn; Smoked ice cream with rum-raisin sauce.

Air date:
Fri, 07/15/2016 - 12:00
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