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Craftsman's Legacy

Latest Episodes

Christopher Kelley makes beautiful copper stills. Host Eric Gorges works with Christopher to make a moonshine still worthy of the most potent of spirits.

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Thu May 16th, 10:00am
Thu May 16th, 6:00pm
Thu May 16th, 10:00pm
Fri May 17th, 4:00am

Host Eric Gorges visits with Walter Arnold, an accomplished stone carver. Eric learns about what it takes to carve limestone and marble. He also hears about the history of stone carving and early days of Walter's apprenticeship in Italy, including kicking around the same quarry where Michelangelo shopped for his marble.

Host Eric Gorges takes a stab at sword-smithing with Master Bladesmith Kevin Cashen, learning about the mystical world of metallurgy, forging a spatha.

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Sat Apr 27th, 11:30am
Sat Apr 27th, 11:30pm
Sun Apr 28th, 5:30pm

For his sixth birthday, Mark Whitley, was given a hammer and toolbox. Now an award-winning furniture maker in Smiths Grove, Kentucky, Mark and host Eric Gorges make a table together.

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Thu May 2nd, 10:00am
Thu May 2nd, 6:00pm
Thu May 2nd, 10:00pm
Fri May 3rd, 4:00am

Host Eric Gorges meets the craftsmen behind the esteemed H. Gerstner &Sons brand and learns how to make the tool box that's been treasured for generations.

Seth Gould could easily be called one of the rock-stars of metalsmithing. Host Eric Gorges heads South to the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina and the famed Penland School of Crafts to learn from this amazing craftsman. In this episode Eric and Seth make a breathtaking hammer.

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