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Craftsman's Legacy

Latest Episodes

Best foot (ware) forward! Host Eric Gorges picks up the hammer and nail to try his hand at being a shoemaker. Master shoemakers Jesse Moore and Marika Verploegh Chasse give expert guidance along the way.

Eric hits the slopes on handmade skis he makes with son and father team Jeff and John Thompson.

Host Eric Gorges and master soap maker, Deb Kraemer, stir it up with essential oils and herbs. For a guy who likes to get his hands dirty, Eric cleans up nicely.

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Thu Apr 25th, 10:00am
Thu Apr 25th, 6:00pm
Thu Apr 25th, 10:00pm
Fri Apr 26th, 4:00am

Legendary Lazy Spoon creator Jonathan Simons and host Eric Gorges dish up. Jonathan teaches Eric how to make a spoon.

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Tue Apr 23rd, 10:00am
Tue Apr 23rd, 6:00pm
Tue Apr 23rd, 10:00pm
Wed Apr 24th, 4:00am

Texas cowboy and master craftsman Wilson Capron creates spurs that truly are a thing of function and beauty. Host Eric Gorges works with Wilson to make a pair of spurs.

Ekaterina Reier and host Eric Gorges play with light and glass in this episode where viewers learn that following your dream can really pay off.

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