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Between The Lines with Barry Kibrick

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A high-octane thriller that digs into the history of the Earth to find the secrets people are willing to kill to keep concealed.

WGBY World
Sun May 5th, 11:30am

The world we live in has changed and nobody knows this better than Gary Grossman, the EMMY award winning producer, acclaimed journalist and one of the great thriller writers of our time. Gary's latest novel Red Hotel, co-written by its inspirational hero Ed Fuller, will prove without a doubt that fiction is too often more truthful than the reality reported.

Gary Szenderski is an internationally acclaimed expert on the subject of branding. His work takes him to the major companies of the world. However, with his book, Szen Zone, he shows how we can rebrand ourselves by overcoming obstacles, limiting thoughts and anything else that holds us back in life.

Jay Leno calls George Wallace the "Iron Man" of comedy. With his book Laff It Off! George not only continues to keep us laughing, but his words of wisdom also give us plenty of food for thought.

George Washington's Great, great, etc. nephew Austin Washington gives us an insider's look at what made George Washington great and the forgotten book that shaped his character.

Gillian Hadfield is a professor of law and economics at the University of Southern California. In our conversation about her book, Rules for a Flat World, we explore why humans invented law and how to reinvent it for a complex global economy.

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