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Between The Lines with Barry Kibrick

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Brothers Courtney and Carter Reum are former investment bankers, turned entrepreneurs, turned TV stars, and now venture capitalists with a twist. In Part 1 of our conversation we discuss ways to speed up the start of a business in today's environment.

In Part 2 of my conversation with entrepreneur and venture capitalist Carter Reum our conversation shifts from how to start a business to how to successfully run one.

Cecilia DeMille is the granddaughter of epic Hollywood director Cecil B. Demille. Her massive photo book gives us a behind the scenes look at the birth of the Hollywood epic and the life of her most famous grandfather.

Charlotte Rae is known worldwide for her portrayal of the iconic Mrs. Garrett on the hit series The Facts of Life. But Charlotte there is much more to her career and life. As a Tony nominated performer she created some of the most memorable characters on Broadway and her life and career is filled with compelling twists and turns. With her memoir, The Facts of My Life, she tells a story filled with highs and lows and deep insights that will relate to all.

A guide to overcoming disappointment in work, love, and life.

Movie fans first fell in love with Cindy Williams as one of the stars of American Graffiti, but it was her breakout roll as Shirley, in the iconic television series Laverne & Shirley, that brought her world-wide fame. With her memoir, Shirley, I Jest Cindy takes us on her roller-coaster ride of life.

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