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Between The Lines with Barry Kibrick

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There's a moment in all our lives when we experience a wake-up call. When it occurs, we all search for meaning, and purpose. In this episode we dig deep into living the best life we can even without a wakeup call.

WGBY World
Sun Jun 14th, 11:00am
Sun Jun 21st, 11:30am

Why do good people find it easy to forgive others yet treat themselves with harshness for not living up to their expectations? The answer is: Because they are good people. Now, it's time to shift that paradigm and realize that until we can forgive ourselves first, we cannot help others nor be at our own best.

The latest buzz word in self-help is that you must get out of your comfort zone to progress. But, on this episode we see why true progress is only made when you are in your comfort zone.

WGBY World
Sun May 31st, 11:00am
Sun Jun 7th, 11:30am

Most times the thing that's holding us back is ourselves. In this episode I discuss why sometimes you must let your old self go and begin anew.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. Those words from the film Network feel truer now than ever before. However, as prescient as they seem, the truth is we've never lived in a better time. So, why the disconnect? That's what we explore in this episode.

WGBY World
Sun Jun 7th, 11:00am
Sun Jun 14th, 11:30am

We search for peace of mind, but we never really find it. The reason maybe we need to stop searching. It is time to realize that not reaching the goal might be the way to accept reality on a new level of excitement and delight. And, maybe even a little peace of mind.

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