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Quilting Arts

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WGBY Create
Tue Feb 18th, 7:00am
Tue Feb 18th, 1:00pm
Tue Feb 18th, 3:30pm

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Quilting Arts. Host Susan Brubaker Knapp presents a retrospective featuring the artists, past and present, who express and advance the quilting arts. Collage artist Leni Wiener creates quilted portraits with applique. Sarah Ann Smith and Susan Brubaker Knapp share their paths to becoming professional quilt artists.

WGBY Create
Tue Feb 25th, 7:00am
Tue Feb 25th, 1:00pm
Tue Feb 25th, 3:30pm

Sheer fabrics open up new design opportunities. Textile artist Lisa Walton paints, cuts and folds sheer organza to make origami designs. Printmaker Martha Wolfe celebrates the time-honored Korean art of pojagi with printed and painted organza she sews with flat-felled seams.

Collage is a technique we use extensively as art quilters but there are so many different materials and styles we can incorporate into our work. Jane Haworth is first, paying homage to last week's theme of travel with a travel journal quilt to remember past vacations. It features ephemera and a hand painted map highlighted with free motion. Then Kathryn Pellman creates Fashionistas - fabric 'paper dolls' made with imagination, fusible applique, conversational prints, free cutting and free motion quilting.

Art quilters embellish and manipulate fabric, but the focus today is on the surface itself. Using the art of collage, Jamie Fingal shows how to cut visual elements from fabric to create a whimsical art quilt. Leslie Tucker Jenison adds paper to the fabric mix and stitches up visual gems called "Sweet Little Somethings".

WGBY Create
Thu Mar 19th, 7:00am
Thu Mar 19th, 1:00pm
Thu Mar 19th, 3:30pm

Good design starts with simple concepts. Quiltmaker Timna Tarr uses the fundamental concepts of color and value with reverse applique to turn everyday things, like eggs, into art. Malka Dubrawsky uses solid fabrics and thoughtful design to create ombre effects on a quilt.

Color is one of the most important tools in most quilter's toolbox. Today's show takes our learning one step further with new terminology and concepts. The Pixeladies, Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki, are up first to show us how to assess value using your computer, phone, or other digital devices. Then Lea McComas begins her three- part lesson on using color with confidence - the first is Take Your Color Temperature. She demonstrates how hot and cold relate to color. Host Susan Brubaker Knapp closes with a segment about color relativity.

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