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Quilting Arts

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Beautiful results begin with a beautiful background. Quilt designer Andrea Brokenshire uses fabric confetti to create lush backgrounds. Susan Purney Mark screen prints color block fabric designs. Susan Edmonson stitches free-motion embroidery that adds charm and personality to her designs.

Nature explodes with inspiration for any artist. Unconventional quilter Wendy Butler Berns builds a textured bird's nest with fibers and threads. Combining vintage techniques with her love of nature, contemporary artist Susan Edmonson makes a charming nest full of little felted eggs.

Gather up your best recycling habits for today's show. Host Susan Brubaker Knapp opens the show with an introduction to raw edge applique using a photo as inspiration. Then meet Jane Haworth, for a tote bag created from dry goods packaging. You'll look at your food packages in a whole new way after today's show.

We're exploding with new ideas. Small things are enlarged for powerful designs. MJ Kinman starts us out with bite- sized gems. You'll be amazed at what she sees as she looks into the facets of gemstones. Then, Maria Shell explores the idea of taking one regular size quilt block and instead of repeating the block to make a quilt; she enlarges it filling the block components with improvisational pieced bits.

Roll it, trim it, fold it, frame it and sew. Leni Weiner, fabric collage artist, shows how to finish quilts with rolled and stitched edges. She also uses stretcher bars to turn art quilts into wall hangings. By varying scale and adding random surprises, artist and teacher Wendy Butler Berns pieces a colorful quilt border.

Take fiber arts into new dimensions. Fabric embellishment expert Heidi Lund fashions fabric bowls using lush batik fabrics. Quilt artist and vintage car enthusiast Teresa Shippy shows how she designed and selected fabrics to quilt a magical VW bus. She embellishes the bus with a variety of quilting techniques.

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