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Quilting Arts

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Just because a project is small doesn't mean you can't learn a new technique. Learn several fabric manipulation techniques while crafting Julie Creus' colorful Buttercup Brooch. Lyric Montgomery Kinard shows how much fun it is to stack beads to make fringe or loops, or in a beaded bezel that can be used to attach an embellishment onto your quilt. Vivika DeNegre demonstrates a fast and easy mug rug.

We all love to quilt - but not every piece belongs on the wall. It's fun to include quilting in the items we use every day. Debbie Grifka start out with a triangular shaped carry all pouch - perfect for carrying makeup and it features piping. Then, see what Iliana McGrath does with die cut fabric in a segment taped on location. Decorate your baby's room with a total ensemble created in a very short time. Last is Linda McLaughlin with an exercise in daily hand stitching. Learn why she has this routine and how she sets herself up to succeed.

You could get out your suitcase and passport, but global inspiration comes to Quilting Arts! We begin with world traveler Luana Rubin and her insights into the Tokyo quilt scene. Handmade vs. hand sewn vs. machine quilting - what's the trend? Then it's a material matrix. Sandra Bruce gets her inspiration closer to home from American artist Chuck Close. She shares a new technique using grids on photos. Then finish up, literally, with some of Susan Brubaker Knapp's favorite tips for starting and stopping when you machine quilt.

Enlarge a design to express its importance. Quilt artist Cathy Wiggins creates whole cloth quilts with leather. Susan Carlson tells how she made a large and ferocious collage in the life-size image of a 20-foot crocodile. Mixed media artist Jane Davila creates printing blocks and shares tips for planning motif repeats.

Enjoy a grab bag of innovative techniques. Enid Gjelten Weichselbaum shows how to use stickers and textile paint to add text to her quilts. Rebekah Meier's Confetti Zipper Bag is a great way to use up special threads, yarns and fabric bits. Jane LaFazio makes hand-felted soaps for lovely and useful gifts.

Often, quilting is for enjoyment or as an artistic endeavor, but it can also be the perfect gift! Plus the instant gratification of a small project is sometimes just what is needed to spark creativity! First is a return visit from Mary McCauley. Not only is she making a gift, but it just so happens to be a box. Learn how to make the pattern, and complete beautiful gift boxes. Then Susan Brubaker Knapp has a favorite small project - wooly felted pin cushions with embroidered flowers and succulents.

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