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Mexico -- One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless

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How do you improve on ceviche? You don't. You simply start with the freshest fish possible. Rick shows viewers how three eateries, including a decades-old street stall and upstart vendor making waves in San Juan Market, translate super-fresh fish into beautifully balanced ceviches. In his Mexico City kitchen, Rick makes the case for unfussy classic ceviche. Then he dials it up a notch with recipes for ceviches with coconut and a little booze.

As the restaurant scene in Mexico City has exploded, so, too, have the culinary schools. Rick takes us to the Coronado Cooking School where the mission is to educate the next generation of chefs. Rick talks with students in the traditional Mexican kitchen classroom as they make a pipian sauce for shrimp. The school's outdoor live-fire kitchen includes tortilla lessons. In the "Dave" Creative Kitchen we see a beautiful presentation of pork loin with vegetables and huaximole. Coronado's students also help run Raiz, one of Mexico City's top destination restaurants.

The fertile waters of the Caribbean Sea provide exquisitely fresh fish, a bounty perhaps best translated on the plate through ceviche. Or sometimes you don't even need a plate, like when Rick and chef Juan Pablo Loza make a ceviche of freshly caught lobster on a boat in the Sian Ka'an nature reserve. At Catch, the Thompson Hotel's swanky rooftop restaurant in Playa del Carmen, chef Pedro Abascal teaches how to make a Peruvian-inspired mandarin, carrot, habanero and ginger ceviche with leche de tigre broth.

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Chilaquiles are not just for hangovers, you know. Served everywhere from the regal downtown restaurant El Cardenal to the hipster haven Chilakillers, chilaquiles are a mainstay of Mexico City menus. But they're also easy to achieve at home. Rick's version, redolent with tangy tomatillo sauce, will be your next favorite "anytime" recipe. In Chicago, the traditional chilaquiles get an elegant touch with fried butternut strips and an earthy, complex pasilla chile sauce.

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In Mexico, golden crispy churros are served with a cup of nourishing, frothy hot chocolate, and there's perhaps no better snack in the whole republic. In this episode, Rick visits El Moro, a Mexico City institution, and then orders fistful of churros rellenos - that's right, stuffed churros - in picturesque Coyocan. Back in Chicago, Rick's recipe begins with classic Mexican hot chocolate and ends with churro nibbles showered atop Mexican hot chocolate ice cream.

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Thu Jul 18th, 7:30am
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Belgian-born chocolatier Mathieu Brees brings Rick deep in the jungles of Ticul for a tour of cacao groves. The serene setting is the backdrop for a complete bean-to-bar chocolate education, with Mathieu, Rick and the plantation's caretaker tromping around the lovingly farmed cacao fields. Then, Rick and Mathieu head to the Ki' Xocolatl chocolate factory in Merida.

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