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Garden SMART

Latest Episodes

History is a great teacher, especially for gardeners. The creative genius behind this landscape felt this garden magnificent. Tune in to GardenSMART this week, we think you'll agree.

Conserving a beautiful piece of land is often easier said than done. GardenSMART visits with an individual committed to showing the natural beauty of a unique property. The lessons learned can apply no matter the size of your property. Beautiful and informative, be sure to tune in.

When visiting an area we find that a local garden club is a tremendous asset in finding beautiful gardens and inspired gardeners. And it's happened again in this show. How these gardeners tackle their yards and gardens is an inspiration for all gardeners. Don't miss this episode.

A beautiful property combined with an inspired landscape designer makes for a very interesting show. From design information to plant selection and care, this show is packed with gardening information. We learned a lot and think you will too. Be sure to tune in.

For green grass in the spring, the lawn needs some help in the Fall. GardenSMART visits with experts who show us what they do for that perfect lawn.

Historic gardens can provide tremendous insight into gardening today. From plants utilized in the distant past to some of the newest and greatest plants available today, our GardenSMART experts provide lessons galore.

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