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Garden SMART

Latest Episodes

Gardeners in New Orleans feel they have a unique relationship with their gardens. GardenSMART visits two very special gardeners who demonstrate their love of their gardens as well as hands-on care. Two great gardens, two interesting gardeners. Don't miss this episode.

GardenSMART visits a fascinating city where gardens abound. Beautiful gardens combined with very interesting, hard working gardeners makes for an interesting show...don't miss!

When we find beautiful gardens and inspired gardeners in a most unsuspecting place it's music to our ears. In this Episode GardenSMART visits two gardeners making a big impact on their neighbors and neighborhoods. Be sure to tune in, a lot to learn.

GardenSMART visits a secluded woodland garden that provides tremendous gardening lessons. The transformation has been dramatic, all the result of one individual who had the vision and determination to see it through. We learned a lot, you will too. Be sure to tune in.

Low maintenance gardens that reflect the homeowners' personality can be beautiful and attractive. Moreover, it can be easier than one might think. Tune in, GardenSMART will show you two very different, yet distinctive examples. Tune in.

There is a growing trend towards going back to nature in our own back yards. Some find the thought daunting, it need not be. In this Episode GardenSMART visits with a unique individual who shares his expertise in developing naturalistic gardens. You can do it too. Be sure to watch.

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