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Garden SMART

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What may be native thus will grow easily in one part of the country may only work in containers in other parts. Committed gardeners we're always looking for new plant ideas. We think that's what you'll find in this episode. Join us as we GardenSMART.

Who isn't getting tired of those store bought, tasteless tomatoes? You need not be fearful of growing your own even though critters and low yields are legitimate concerns. GardenSMART visits with an expert who shares her proven methods for growing vegetables, and a lot of vegetables at that. Be sure to tune in.

At GardenSMART few things are more special than spending the day with a gardener and their garden. We enjoy their passion for plants and the lessons learned over the years. We did in this episode. We think you will too. Be sure to tune in.

With the many options available today, the possibilities for container gardening are endless. GardenSMART visits with an expert who shares her expertise and shows us how to create unique, colorful containers. A don't miss show.

GardenSMART visits with a garden author who transformed her empty, rectangular backyard into a garden paradise. The lessons learned can be applied by novice and experienced gardeners alike. A lot to learn, be sure to watch this episode.

Whether an individual tackling an unloved patch of ground or a whole town pulling together to restore a landmark, community gardens provide inspiration and passion. GardenSMART visits one town where they have done just that. The results are sure to impress. Be sure to tune in.

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