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Garden SMART

Latest Episodes

Even though everyone approaches their site differently, blending artistic talent, horticultural knowledge and hard work results in a successful garden design. GardenSMART visits with an exceptional gardener and designer who shares his ideas. The results are exceptional. Be sure to tune in.

First impressions are important. Visitors, and even passersby, form opinions as they approach the front door. Join us as GardenSMART visits with several experts who share their ideas for a great looking entryway. The results are impressive, we think you'll agree.

Gardeners love to share their gardens and their garden stories. GardenSMART visits one spectacular garden where the ideas and lessons stimulate thought as well as inspiration. We enjoyed the experience and think you will too. Join us.

GardenSMART travels the country looking for great gardens to highlight. In this Episode we visit two exceptional gardens and two fantastic gardeners. It's beautiful and informative, we're glad we visited and think you will be too. Join us as we GardenSMART.

As our lots get smaller, so do our gardens. GardenSMART visits with a viewer with a small parcel who solves the problem by growing almost exclusively in containers. Unusual plants, beautiful containers and furniture designed to make the outdoors enjoyable. A fun show, be sure to tune in.

Growing our own food lets us know what is in it because we control what goes into the food we grow ourselves. Carve out a space in your garden; you'll be surprised at how much you can grow. It not only is gratifying, it's healthy. Join us as we GardenSMART with vegetables.

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