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Life on the Line

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For many, the difference between life and death depends on the country they were born in. Like 14-year-old Holman and 8-year-old Eva, who were both born with heart disease in Nicaragua. In their country, even if children survive the surgery, they run a high risk of dying from infection in the intensive care unit afterward. With no money to explore foreign options, the families must undergo a test of faith that nearly shatters their deep strength of spirit.

Weighing 670 pounds, Armando is trapped in a world where he can't experience life firsthand. Over time, he has slowly grown accustomed to watching life pass him by. A former football player and an avid sports fan, he can now only watch the games he loved to play. He knows deep down, if he doesn't make a change, he will soon die. Summoning every ounce of courage and determination, Armando begins an inspiring journey that opens him up to a world of possibilities with hopes of winning his life back.

Sixteen-year-old Alexis never woke up for school one morning. Weeks earlier she was added to the heart transplant list when doctors diagnosed her with a rare form of heart disease. But Alexis's heart stopped much sooner than doctors anticipated and now her family woke up to a living nightmare. Follow her journey through the eyes of her determined doctors and family who never lose hope in the battle to save her life.

While pregnant with twins, Angelina was told that her baby Matthew was unlikely to survive the pregnancy. Born with a health condition that damages the bladder and kidneys, Matthew underwent risky in-utero procedures that threatened his twin sister's life. Fortunately, they both survived but Matthew desperately needs a kidney transplant in order to stay alive. Will 3-year-old Matthew find the kidney he needs?

Malawi has the highest rate of cervical cancer in the world. For many women, like 30-year-old Alice, the diagnosis is a death sentence. With limited access to the HPV vaccine, no radiation treatment for cancer anywhere in the country, and lack of screenings, this preventable disease has become a deadly health crisis. While Alice is fighting for her life, a nurse and an ex-pat doctor are giving their all to fight this disease and comfort those who are dying.

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti brought utter destruction to the country. Trapped under the rubble for three days, 8-year old Sebastian Lamothe is faced with the reality of losing his parents, his home, and his leg. Yet his courage prevails in the face of death.

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