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Coming up this week on Focus on Europe from Deutsche Welle and MHz Networks: Turkish assaults on the PKK are splitting the Kurds into militant and peaceful groups. The Isle of Wight off England's coast is seen as a little paradise, but its cliffs are crumbling. Finnish children of German WWII soldiers look for their fathers.

A man who runs a shelter in Dresden is determined to protect his refugees from racist violence. The lucrative trade in contraband cigarettes has unleashed a bloody fight in the Ukrainian-Hungarian border area.

Serbia: A Farewell to Arms - Separatists in eastern Ukraine have been joined by countless Serbian volunteers. They identify as "Chetniks", and were previously involved in the 1990s Yugoslav Wars. The Serbian government now wants to see them returning home. The parliament in Belgrade has passed a law that would punish Serbian mercenaries for participating in foreign conflicts. Serbia is considered a close ally of Russia, but is also hoping to join the European Union. Brussels has since called on Belgrade to take a clear stance on the Ukraine crisis, and join the sanctions against Moscow.

Coming up this week on Focus on Europe from Deutsche Welle and MHz Networks: Latvia: The KGB's bitter legacy; Sweden: A town on the move; France: The Le Pen family feud; Poland: Alarm on the border.

Britain: Fighting for the Truth - Hearings began in a public judicial inquiry in January into the mysterious death of Alexander Litvinenko, a former officer of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Soviet KGB. It's a victory for his widow, Marina Litvinenko, who had to battle massive resistance to get a full investigation. Litvinenko was poisoned with radioactive polonium-210 in 2006. It is suspected that Russian secret agents committed the murder. They are said to have mixed the polonium into his tea. But Moscow is refusing to allow the extradition of the two main suspects.

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