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10 Buildings That Changed America

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//player.pbs.org/partnerplayer/pp4QgsuNHbz2ZdqpIatyQw==/?topbar=false&end=0&endscreen=true&start=0&autoplay=false A state capitol that Thomas Jefferson designed to resemble a Roman temple, the home of Henry Ford’s first assembly line, an airport with a swooping concrete roof that seems to float on air — these are among the buildings surveyed in this cross-country journey to 10 influential works of American... /episodes/get/26426 /episode/26426 10 Buildings that Changed America /episode-player/26426

This program tells the stories of 10 American architectural marvels, including a state capitol building designed by Thomas Jefferson, the original indoor shopping mall, the first airport of the Jet Age and a futuristic concert hall. You may not be familiar with all of these buildings, but they probably shaped the way you live, work, shop and play. Host Geoffrey Baer takes a journey across America and inside these 10 groundbreaking works of art and engineering.

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Sun, 05/12/2013 - 12:00
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