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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

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Tue Oct 22nd, 10:00am

Daniels Blueberry Paws - Daniel Tiger gets a special treat from Prince Tuesday's fruity ice treat cart, but when he's distracted by the other flavors, his ice starts to melt. Mom Tiger teaches Daniel to enjoy the "wow" - his blueberry ice - before it's gone. Wow at the Library - Daniel and O the Owl are enjoying a pop-up story at the library with Uncle X when O flutters off to find more books to read. X teaches O to enjoy the book they're already reading - the "wow" that's happening right now.

Fri Sep 20th, 10:00am
Wed Sep 25th, 10:00am
Fri Sep 20th, 2:30pm
Fri Sep 20th, 9:00pm
Fri Sep 20th, 10:30pm
Sat Sep 21st, 5:00am
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Sun Sep 22nd, 5:00am
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Sun Sep 22nd, 9:00pm
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Mon Sep 23rd, 5:00am
Mon Sep 30th, 3:00pm
Mon Sep 30th, 11:00pm

Daniels Grr-ific Grandpere - Daniel Tiger is excited to spend the whole day with his grandpa - Grandpere! Whether they're riding on Grandpere's boat, sorting through Grandpere's treasures, or even just relaxing on the sandy shore, they love the special time they have together. Making Mozies with Nana - Daniel Tiger spends the whole day with Jodi and her Nana. Jodi and Nana love the special things they do together, like baking sweet treats and coloring.

Daniels Lunch - Daniel is excited to eat the special lunch Dad Tiger made for him - an egg salad sandwich! When Miss Elaina declares she doesn't like egg salad, Daniel gets upset. They learn that it's okay to like different things, but they should always be kind to one another. Daniels Toy - Daniel Tiger goes to the park to play with his toy, Ducky, but Prince Wednesday doesn't like Ducky. They realize while it's fine to like different toys, they should be kind to each other even when they disagree.

Wed Oct 2nd, 3:00pm
Wed Oct 2nd, 11:00pm
Sat Oct 5th, 3:00pm
Sat Oct 5th, 11:00pm

Duckling Goes Home: Today at school, the children find out that Ducky has grown too big to be their classroom pet and it's time to take him back to the farm. This news is very upsetting, especially to Daniel and Miss Elaina. The children cope with their sadness in different ways and soon they feel a little bit better. Daniel Feels Left Out: On their way home from the Neighborhood grocery store, Dad and Daniel stop by the Treehouse to say "hello." O the Owl and Katerina Kittycat have been playing together all day, and are even going to have dinner together.

Tue Sep 17th, 10:00am
Mon Sep 23rd, 10:00am
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Sun Sep 22nd, 3:30am
Sun Sep 22nd, 7:30pm
Mon Sep 23rd, 3:30am
Wed Sep 25th, 3:00pm
Wed Sep 25th, 11:00pm

Find What Makes Your Family Special - Katerina wishes she had a little sister like Baby Margaret to play with. She learns that even though she doesn't have a baby sister, there are other wonderful things that make her family special. Family Day - It's Family Day at the Neighborhood Library! Daniel learns that each family is different and special in its own way, and the Tiger Family performs a special song.

Thu Oct 3rd, 10:30am

Firefighters at School - The volunteer firefighters of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe make a special visit to school. Daniel and his friends discover that a person can be many different things - a doctor and a firefighter - even at the same time! Daniel's Doll - Daniel receives a new doll from his Grandpere, and he can't wait to pretend to be the daddy. When Katerina and O insist that Daniel pretends to be Tige-y the Adventure Tiger instead, Daniel reminds them that you can be more than one thing. Strategy: You can be more than one thing.

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