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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

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Tue Jun 4th, 9:30am
Sat Apr 13th, 2:30pm
Sat Apr 13th, 10:30pm
Wed May 15th, 3:00pm
Wed May 15th, 11:00pm
Sun May 19th, 2:30pm
Sun May 19th, 10:30pm

Daniel's New Friend: Daniel and Miss Elaina meet Prince Wednesday's cousin Chrissie during a playdate at the castle. As they play "knights," they discover that, although Chrissie needs some help walking, they are the same in many ways. Same and Different: While Daniel is playing dress up with his friends at school, he feels different when he realizes that not everyone has a tail like him. He learns that everyone has differences, but that these are the things that make us unique.

Fri Apr 19th, 3:00pm
Fri Apr 19th, 11:00pm

Daniel's Obstacle Course - Daniel and Margaret are playing on a homemade obstacle course. When Daniel plays too fast and loud, Margaret gets upset. Daniel realizes that sometimes he needs to play slowly and gently with his baby sister. Daniel Plays in a Gentle Way - Daniel Tiger is playing slowly outside at school, but his friends start to play too fast and rough with him. Daniel and his friends learn that sometimes friends want to play fast, but other times, it's important to play slowly and gently.

Mon Apr 15th, 10:00am

Daniel's Sleepover - Daniel and his parents go to Prince Wednesday's castle for a family sleepover. When Daniel and Prince Wednesday go through their bedtime routines together, Daniel realizes how different it is sleeping at Prince Wednesday's castle. As bedtime nears, Daniel and Prince Wednesday notice some things that are just a little bit scary...but they soon learn that once they investigate further, they actually aren't scary at all! Backyard Camping - Daniel and O the Owl are camping in the yard with Dad Tiger and O is a little hesitant to sleep in this unfamiliar setting.

Mon May 27th, 9:30am
Mon May 27th, 3:00pm
Mon May 27th, 11:00pm

Daniel's Very Different - Day Daniel was expecting to have a special picnic at Katerina's house, but the day doesn't turn out quite as he had planned. Daniel learns how to adapt when his routine changes. Class Trip to the Library - Daniel and his friends are excited to go on a field trip to the library, but they arrive to find that it's closed. Together, they learn that sometimes plans may change, but they can do things in a different way! Strategy: Things may change and that's okay. Today we can do things a different way.

Daniel's Winter Adventure - Daniel, Dad, Prince Wednesday and Prince Tuesday are all going sledding! But once they get to the hill and see how tall it is, Daniel and Prince Wednesday get scared. Dad assures them that if they try it a little bit at a time, they might surprise themselves and have a great time. Later, Daniel goes ice skating for the first time. When he tries it a little bit at a time, he realizes it is not so hard. Neighborhood Nutcracker - Daniel is going to see a show called The Nutcracker Ballet!

Wed May 22nd, 9:30am
Sat May 25th, 6:00am
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Wed May 22nd, 10:30pm
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Mon May 27th, 4:00am
Thu May 30th, 3:00pm
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Daniels Blueberry Paws - Daniel Tiger gets a special treat from Prince Tuesday's fruity ice treat cart, but when he's distracted by the other flavors, his ice starts to melt. Mom Tiger teaches Daniel to enjoy the "wow" - his blueberry ice - before it's gone. Wow at the Library - Daniel and O the Owl are enjoying a pop-up story at the library with Uncle X when O flutters off to find more books to read. X teaches O to enjoy the book they're already reading - the "wow" that's happening right now.

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