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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

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Tue Mar 12th, 10:00am
Thu Mar 14th, 2:30pm
Thu Mar 14th, 10:30pm
Sun Mar 17th, 3:00pm
Sun Mar 17th, 11:00pm

Daniel is Jealous: Daniel and Katerina are playing "airplane" with Grandpere. Daniel thinks Katerina is getting too much attention from Grandpere and starts to feel jealous. Daniel explains his feelings and is reassured that he is Grandpere's one and only Daniel. Jealousy at the Treehouse: Daniel and Katerina are at O the Owl's house today, playing with his new science kit. Daniel and Katerina feel jealous of O because they want science tools just like his. After talking about their feelings, the children realize how they can all enjoy O's special science kit.

Fri Mar 29th, 9:30am
Thu Feb 21st, 2:30pm
Thu Feb 21st, 10:30pm
Wed Feb 27th, 2:30pm
Wed Feb 27th, 10:30pm
Wed Mar 20th, 3:00pm
Wed Mar 20th, 11:00pm

Daniel Learns About Lizards - Daniel and Prince Wednesday discover a small lizard in Daniel's backyard. They have a lot of questions about the lizard. When they wonder and explore, they learn so many new things. Daniel Wonders About Trolley - Daniel and his friends learn more about their favorite Neighborhood Trolley! Strategy: When you wonder you can try to find out more.

Wed Mar 20th, 10:00am
Tue Feb 19th, 3:00pm
Tue Feb 19th, 11:00pm
Sun Feb 24th, 3:00pm
Sun Feb 24th, 11:00pm
Fri Mar 15th, 3:00pm
Fri Mar 15th, 11:00pm

Daniel Loves Tigey - Daniel gets upset when Margaret spills juice on his favorite stuffed animal, Tigey. Daniel learns how he can make himself feel better when he's upset. Daniel Needs Tigey at School - Daniel is having a hard day at school, but he knows just how to make himself feel better: by hugging his Tigey! Strategy: When you're upset you can find a way to feel better.

Fri Feb 15th, 9:30am
Mon Feb 4th, 3:00pm
Mon Feb 4th, 11:00pm
Sun Feb 10th, 2:30pm
Sun Feb 10th, 10:30pm

Daniel Makes a Mistake - While Daniel is looking at different items under the magnifier at school, he accidentally knocks a basket of objects off the table, sending things tumbling all over the floor. Whoops! Daniel thinks he has ruined Science Time until Teacher Harriet explains that everyone makes mistakes; the important thing is that we can fix them and always learn from them. Baking Mistakes - Daniel and Prince Wednesday are at the bakery helping Baker Aker make cookies for the Neighborhood. But Prince Wednesday accidentally spills the milk! No crying, though, because mistakes can happen.

Thu Feb 28th, 10:00am
Tue Feb 5th, 2:30pm
Tue Feb 5th, 10:30pm
Sat Feb 9th, 3:00pm
Sat Feb 9th, 11:00pm

Daniel Makes a Noise Maker - Daniel and Katerina are playing "super hero helpers." They use Baby Margaret's rattle as their super-duper noise maker to make sure everyone knows that help is on the way. When Baby Margaret wants her rattle back, Katerina and Daniel create their own super-duper noise makers and continue saving the day! Daniel Makes the Neighborhood - Daniel and Prince Wednesday are at the Museum-Go-Round playing with Miss Elaina.

Daniel Plays Ball - Daniel, Miss Elaina and Prince Wednesday are at the park with Prince Tuesday. They decide to play a game with a ball. Daniel struggles to catch the ball and gets very frustrated. All of his friends remind him to keep on trying and finally, he succeeds! O Builds a Tower - In the block corner at school, O the Owl is determined to use all of the blocks to build the tallest tower in the world. After many failed attempts, he is frustrated, but Teacher Harriet and O's friends encourage him to try once again.

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