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Woodsmith Shop

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Watch as the Woodsmith editors discuss the key tips and tricks for creating a rabbeted miter joint in an episode flashback. Plus, buy better lumber.

The editors of Woodsmith magazine cover the best ways to build and protect a planter box and an outdoor bench.

The Woodsmith editors build a plywood and aluminum bench to make the most of the power tools you use in your shop.

Join the Woodsmith editors as they complete the final shaping on the serving tray. Then learn how to get more out of your table saw miter gauge.

Join the Woodsmith editors as they focus on some must-know power tool techniques for creating perfect project parts.

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Thu Dec 5th, 10:30am
Thu Dec 5th, 4:30pm

Watch the Woodsmith editors step through the final details of making the tray centerpiece. Then they make a table saw sled even more versatile.

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